Atomic Mail Sender 8.57 release

Atomic Mail Sender 8.57 release

AtomPark announces the updated Atomic Mail Sender version 8.57.

We have made several improvements and added new features.

  • program log has been added
  • Serbian language is available
  • Password request before sending through AtomSMTP (if password is not specified)
  • PLAIN authentication for SMTP
  • Activation when updating
  • Activation when running if the key was entered during installation
  • Fixed bug when sending directly
  • Fixed bug when import mailing list with symbols  ; , " ' ><
  • Fixed a visual bug when scaling SMTP Wizard
  • Fixed a visual bug when scaling test-sending dialog window
  • Edited the saving of SMTP server priority
  • Edited the loading of the key from the Register into the registration form

Find more about Atomic Mail Sender features at

You can download the newest version right now and check out new and improved Atomic Mail Sender.