Atomic Mail Verifier 8.10 Update

Atomic Mail Verifier 8.10 Update

We announce the updated Atomic Mail Verifier - professional software that verifies the validity of email addresses.

The updated version includes:

  • Vietnamese version of Atomic Mail Verifier.
  • Afrikaans version of Atomic Mail Verifier.
  • Hungarian version of Atomic Mail Verifier 8.0 (update).
  • The ability to load data from the clipboard.
  • New status: “waiting for connection”.
  • The ability to abort data loading.

Pay attention to the changes in the interface:

  • The menu that allowed you to choose verification type (Standard/Advanced) in the SMTP settings was removed. Now there’s only one verification type available: Advanced.
  • The button “Advanced Settings” that allows you to adjust timeouts for domains was added in the SMTP settings.
  • In the “Export” tab, buttons were added that allow data export to OpenOffice.

In the 8.10 version, the following features were enhanced:

  • An error - that occurred when there was no Internet connection - was fixed.
  • The address verification process was improved; errors that occurred during the verification process through proxy servers were fixed.
  • Export and import lists now load much faster.
  • Contact list export and editing processes were optimized.
  • Improvements were made in the email address syntax verification process.

Download the updated Atomic Mail Verifier 8.10 here.

You can find more detailed information about program features on our website.