Deletion of identical SMS sending

Deletion of identical SMS sending

We present you with Atomic SMS Sender’s newest feature. Now, if you send the same messages twice within 20 minutes, the second sending will be rejected.

In other words, if there’s a task scheduled to send any message identical to a previous message that has just been sent, this task will be deleted.

The acceptable time period between identical SMS sendings is 20 minutes.

The term “identical SMS sending” means that the SMS text, name of the sender, and the telephone numbers of recipients are the same for two different SMS campaigns.

Advantages of the new feature:

  • Puts a stop to spam sending.
  • Prevents the accidental sending of two identical SMS campaigns. Money is withdrawn from the user’s balance after each sending.

N.B. If there’s only one recipient in the identical SMS sending, this task will be completed and the message will be sent. The 20-minute period won’t apply.