A Present from Atompark: Email Templates for Valentine's Day

A Present from Atompark: Email Templates for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is drawing closer.

Continuing the established tradition of giving away gifts for holidays, AtomPark Software prepared free thematic templates. Congratulate your clients, friends, and relatives. Choose a template to your liking and send email Valentines to any place of our planet with holiday greetings.

          The templates have already been loaded into the updated version of Atomic Sender. Users of Atomic Email Service can find new templates among all the represented too (“Sending Emails -> Email Templates ->General”).

You can also get Valentine's Day templates without installing our software our registering in the service.

All templates are easy to use and edit. You can personalize them, insert additional images, change the logo, and add text – no additional skills required.

If you want to add another dimension to your template and make it even more personal, you can order a custom email template, tailored specifically to your likings and following the style of your brand. Share the love and add romance to your emails.