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    Clever personalization


    Dear friends!

    Now you can add clever variables (personalization criteria) in the subject line and in the email text.

    Clever personalization is a substitution of personal information. This means that depending on the content in the variables, certain information will be sent.

    This feature allows you to:

    • Personalize letters as much as you want
    • Deliver your emails to Inboxes more efficiently
    • Avoid mistakes in emails that are connected with the lack of information in the chosen variable

    The condition is set this way:

    If the variable {{name}} is empty/equal/not equal etc., text 1 is sent; in all other cases text 2 is sent.

    Here are a few examples:

    1. Personalization by location.

    If the client’s city is NY: Free one-day delivery.

    Else: Delivery varies for items shipped from an international location.

    1. Personalization by date/age.

    If the date is “more than”:  It’s time to buy presents for your grandkids.

    Else: It’s time to buy presents for your children.

    Figure out your own variants of personalization depending on the type of your business and collected information about subscribers.

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