Atomic Email Extractor 10.30 Update

Atomic Email Extractor 10.30 Update

We present you with the brand-new version of Atomic Email Extractor 10.30 — the program that extracts email addresses from web pages.

The improved version includes the following changes and innovations:

  • Menu for editing search engines was added. Now you can configure each search engine right from the program interface. You can also add your search engine and customize it.
  • Timeout for search links and settings of a search query were added. In the settings of a search engine you can specify a timeout as well as its range from minimum to maximum. This reduces the likelihood that one or another search engine will ban your IP.
  • The preliminary links search when searching by keyword was removed. Now the basic search starts immediately.
  • Improvements have been made in the links queue. The links queue has been remade to make the work faster. The status for skipped links, which the program missed due to the search limit, was added.
  • The user interface was updated (translation errors, new buttons, the width of the inscriptions, the message translations, and statistics on missed links).
  • The function to copy the selected contacts by Ctrl + C was added.
  • The statistics for links missed during the links processing was added. Now there’s a record of the number of links that were skipped and will not be processed.
  • There are no restrictions to the number of links that are shown. All links are shown from the very beginning of the search.
  • The minimum and maximum timeout request to the same domain was added.
  • The function for the skipping domain was improved (works only when searching by the keyword). If the search is on one site, this function will not work.

In addition to the number of new features, some things were fixed and elaborated:

  • Mailbox plugin. The ability to reconnect when the Internet connection is lost was added. The search won’t be stopped, and the user will be able to try again or finish work. Some bugs that occurred during processing were fixed. The amount of sought for information was improved.
  • Craigslist plugin. The search by keyword was fixed, the work of the plugin was improved, and minor bugs were fixed.
  • An error that occurred while searching by keyword from the command line was fixed.
  • Some links to program settings were added.
  • Various bugs that occurred during the search were fixed.
  • The work of the search engines function was improved.

Download the updated Atomic Email Extractor 10.30 here.