Atomic Email Verifier 9.00 Update

Atomic Email Verifier 9.00 Update

We are glad to inform you that AtomPark Software has released a new version of Atomic Email Verifier 9.00.

In this version a set of functions were added, some were updated and improved.

We have removed the error that occurred while checking the status of your Facebook account and searching for users by email. In addition, the search for users on Facebook is now carried out in several streams: a separate thread for each account.

Another important improvement was made in the syntax check. It was completely altered. Now 1 million addresses are checked in a couple of seconds.

An error that occurred during the domain check was fixed.

Finally, we improved the way the information is displayed:

  • The statistics check progress bar was altered. Now there are separate progress bars for checked, valid and invalid addresses.
  • An approximate calculation of the time needed to finish the checking process was added.
  • The checking status was added to the Windows taskbar (only for Windows 7-8).

Download the updated Atomic Mail Verifier 9.00 here.

You can find more detailed information about program features on our website.