Updated Atomic Mail Sender 9.10


    We are glad to announce that there is an updated version of Atomic Mail Sender.

    The new Mail Sender 9.10 has essential modifications in the activation system.

    Now you can transfer a software license from one computer to another.

    To activate your bulk mailer on a new computer you can choose one of these available ways:

    1. If you have access to the previous PC, you can deactivate the software on it using the “Help - Registration” menu, and activate mass email software on a new PC. In this case, the deactivated version stays installed but goes back to a trial mode. Thus, you keep the available number of activations (a license transfer).
    2. If an old computer was broken and you have no access to it anymore, then you can activate the software on a new PC without deactivating the previous one. And it goes without saying that your available number of Sender’s activations decreases.

    Another major upgrade deals with the ready-made email templates integrated into the program. They were improved to become more adaptive and modern. We picked the most popular Sender templates and added new designs. Please note that when you choose the program language during installation, it affects the email templates language (English or Russian). Therefore your old templates continue to be available without any changes.

    You can review the updated templates list with new designed templates in the “Message -> New from template…” menu.


    In addition, Atomic Mail Sender 9.10 includes the following updates:

    • Fixes when email messages’ headers are formed with the use of “random words” or “random text”
    • Big5 encryption error in Unsubscribe Wizard and Bounce Analyzer was fixed

    You can download the new Atomic Mail Sender 9.10 from our website.

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