New Atomic Mail Sender 5.00 release

New Atomic Mail Sender 5.00 release

As we gear up for the festivities, we would like to wish you and your families a Happy New Year! 

Nevertheless, we don't stop working even during holidays! Atomic Mail Sender 5.00 version is here! 

New features [+] have been added and some bugs have been fixed [*]:

[+] SSL/TLS support for e-mail authentication
[+] HTML Editor now allows to align text by the width of the page
[+] New options for tables: background color, border color
[+] More e-mail delivery option, for example, you can specify pause and speed for each SMTP server
[*] Catastrophic failure for some HTML messages is now fixed
[*] Program crashes at the end of e-mail delivery do not occur now
[*] E-mail background now is sent correctly for HTML e-mail
[*] New HTML editor, better compatibility with most popular e-mail programs
[*] All errors with proxy server support are fixed now
[*] MDB files are opened correctly now

Don't forget to try this newest 5.00 version of Atomic Mail Sender.

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