Atomic Whois Database upgraded with .COM category!

Atomic Whois Database upgraded with .COM category!

We are glad to inform you that we upgraded Atomic Whois Database with .com category containing 42 306 850 domains (size 3.1 GB). The whole Atomic Whois Database has grown to  73 692 468 domain names given together with contact details like e-mail addresses, phone/fax numbers etc.

Atomic Whois Database (4.7 GB) is a collection of more than 70 million domain names divided into 7 groups on the TLD name basis (.com, .us, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .ru) and categorized alphabetically within each group. The database includes domain names with registrants contact details such as names, e-mails, telephone numbers etc. Please note, that these data are obtained from the public whois database legally.

With Atomic Whois Database you get an easy way to find out key information about domain owner of interest.

More info / Purchase Atomic Whois Database

Use the above Purchase link to buy the entire Atomic Whois Database (7 groups) or choose only some TLD groups included. The database will be available for downloading in My Software section of your Member Area account after purchasing.