New Atomic Verifier Online service

New Atomic Verifier Online service

AtomPark Software is glad to announce the release of brand new Atomic Verifier Online service.

Atomic Verifier Online is a service verifying email addresses for the validity, keeping you mailing list always free from from "dead" or "invalid" emails in that way.

The service was designed to bypass the problems arising when using similar software (e.g. Atomic Mail Verifier).

All addresses are checked in multithreaded mode that speeds up the entire process. An average speed of email verifying can be from 10 to 20 emails / 1 sec or up to 1200 emails per minute.

Please register with Atomic Verifier Online and to check how many email in your mailing list are invalid. Upon registration you gain access to free trial Verifier Online account for 10 days (using trial account you can't verify more than 100 email addresses).

I hope with this service you will have your mailing lists up-to-date.

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