Atomic Mail Sender 3.14

Atomic Mail Sender 3.14

Atomic Mail Sender updated 3.14 version released on October 10, 2006.

Bagfixes, features added:

  • SPAM blocking reports are added
  • No more inserting messages from Templates bags
  • More options for inserting an image - you can insert an image from any website, e.g.
  • Adding HTML code in Insert menu
  • More color presented in the main menu
  • Custom SMTP Headers - checking the settings for correctness
  • Test message - by default, it offers to send mail to yourself now
  • Insert tracking code - bad characters are removed automatically
  • Logs are opened for only processed messages, not for messages in "delivering..." mode
  • Monitoring Clipboard when you are trying to download a message from WWW

More info about Atomic Mail Sender features find here.

Download a trial to evaluate and purchase at $79.85.