New Software Released -- Atomic Lead Extractor

New Software Released -- Atomic Lead Extractor


AtomPark Software today officially released a brand-new product called Atomic Lead Extractor. This software will help clients quickly find email addresses, phone numbers, and Skype, IM and other online contacts.

This software is for everyone who needs to find potential customers and partners.  One way of doing it - go to Google, find related websites, copy them to a spreadsheet, find email addresses and phone numbers on each website, and add them to a file. But there’s a more efficient way.

How does Atomic Lead Extractor work? Enter the address of a website where your potential clients communicate and Atomic Lead Extractor will extract all contact information for future emailing, messaging or phone calls.  Or enter the keyword related to your niche and the software will use your preferred search engine(s) to find sites that show up for that keyword. Then it will visit each of the websites and scan them for any contact information.

Visit this page  to see the video showing Atomic Lead Extractor in action (click Watch Demo button).

Enjoy our new software!