5 eMarketF forum winners are named!

5 eMarketF forum winners are named!

AtomPark Software is highly grateful to all eMarketF forum members for their active participation. Your interest towards the forum has helped us to make it a big success.

Today we are glad to declare the top 5 most active participants of the eMarketF forum and the winners names (nicknames used on the forum) are:

1. Coolgeee - is entitled to 4 free Atomic programs licenses

the following 4 members are entitled to 2 free Atomic programs licenses:

2. Jesse
3. Bulk
4. Mboyle
5. Gregw

AtomPark Software will send to the winners free registration keys within 2 days after they inform us of their choice.

The entire collection of Atomic software can be found at https://www.atompark.com/members/products.php (available for existing AtomPark Software customers only) or on our web-site:

Congratulations to the winner! Your support is indispensable. We are very much look forward to seeing you all for next awards.

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