Atomic Mail Verifier 7.20 - new type of email verification

Atomic Mail Verifier 7.20 - new type of email verification

We have released a new version of email verification software - Atomic Mail Verifier 7.20.

This version has a major improvement - a new, advanced email validation algorithm. It lets you receive more reliable verification results for a range of email services.

The old verification type works better for some servers. We have created a list of popular servers and set a recommended verification type for each. You can change the settings for each email service or add more email servers. We also added configurable delay between queries to servers to avoid blacklisting.

So for each email domain you can set preferred verification type and a delay between requests - this significantly improves the verification quality.

You can download the newest version right now and try improved verification quality of Atomic Mail Verifier 7.20. This update is free for buyers who bought Atomic Mail Verifier less than a year ago. If you bought the software more than a year ago - you can buy the new version with a 40% discount. Please login to the member area at and click "Click here to update (40% OFF)"

If you own any Atomic product you can login to your member area and buy Atomic Mail Verifier 7.20 with 20% discount.