Atomic Email Sender 4.00 released!

Atomic Email Sender 4.00 released!

AtomPark Software announces Atomic Mail Sender 4.00 release which took place on December 27, 2006.

We have made some improvements in AMS 4.00:

[+] Restoring Atomic Mail Sender after the crashes
[+] Closer integration with Atomic Email Tracker on-line service - track recipients' email addresses.
[+] Suggestion to name the tracking campaign by the project file name
[+] Reminders to use Email Tracking service, if not switched On
[+] Atomic Unsubscriber - delete subscribers with a few clicks
[+] Using multiple external SMTP serves to send e-mail
[+] List of popular SMTP server added for better integration
[+] DIGEST-MD5 and CRAM-MD5 authentication type for SMTP server authentication
[*] Speed limiter sometimes could cause an error in External Email Delivery
[+] Changes in Message Settings and mailing list loading
[*] Data merging bug has been fixed (fields with spaces could be inserted with error)
[+] Recipients List window now opens automatically if was not closed last time
[+] Icons in Recipients List context menu
[*] Error in editing email contacts in Recipients list
[*] Error in moving email list from Recipients list to the Send Mail Monitor
[*] Blinking in Send Mail Monitor is fixed when mail is sending
[*] Small error in 'del dupes' function has been fixed
[*] Some errors fixed in test message delivery status
[+] Detailed reports about sent newsletters
[+] Real-time connection log when sending a test message
[+] Non-sent messages resending option - as easy as 1-2-3. Only one click to re-send
[*] Email delivery aborting - now it works instantly
[+] Prompt to save a message on exit - now works 100% correct
[+] Some email re-delivery rules have been changed
[*] Double click in main window status bar now acts better
[+] "Reply-to" option added
[+] Alert on loading HTML with Flash
[+] Message Properties window is more beautiful now
[+] Text files are not attached as inline text
[+] New 10 free templates - double click opens the selected template automatically
[*] Small errors in saving reports to Excel have been fixed
[*] Errors in opening multi-column Excel files have been fixed
[+] Tables editing - add/delete rows/columns/cells now via main menu
[*] Some problems with software activation are solved now
[*] User Interface changes in Scheduler, many user interface changes, some new advises and reminders added
[*] Initial Atomic Mail Sender configuration wizard

We hope that if you never had a chance to use Atomic Mail Sender, you will give this great 4.00 version a try! More info...

Note! If you purchase the current 4.00 AMS before the end of January, it will cost you $ 79.85 only. Then the price will be increased up to $ 99. Buy AMS 4.00 for $79.85

Upgrading is FREE to any newer version released during one-year period beginning the day of the initial purchase! Thereafter, on the expiry of that 1-year free upgrading, any AMS upgrade can be made with 40% discount.