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AtomPark Software Releases New Email Marketing Software—Atomic Lead Extractor

Established email marketing software vendor AtomPark Software, Inc., has officially released a brand-new product called Atomic Lead Extractor. This software will help clients quickly find email addresses , phone numbers, and Skype, IM and other online contacts.

Atomic Lead Extractor allows marketers to quickly locate contact information on the websites they are interested in. Users can enter a list of websites to visit, from which the software collects all contact information. Another option is to type a keyword into the search box— Atomic Lead Extractor will query search engines and visit every website found in the search results .

Konstantyn Ma karov, CEO of AtomPark Software, Inc., said, “Atomic Lead Extractor is a huge time saver for Internet marketers. What do marketers do when they want to find new customers or partners? Often they go to Google, find related websites, copy them to a spreadsheet, find email addresses and phone numbers on each website, and add them to a file. Atomic Lead Extractor automates this routine work and accomplishes the task within minutes, not hours.”
According to Makarov, the software is unique because it can find email addresses , phone and fax numbers, along with Skype, MSN, AIM, Yahoo and ICQ contacts. Atomic Lead Extractor then organizes and exports the information in a variety of file formats, such as Microsoft Word/Writer documents, spreadsheets (Excel/Calc), plain text files or Clipboard. 

 “We have a wide range of email marketing software, and Atomic Lead Extractor is a great addition to our product line. Our products work well with each other, so the contacts found by the new software can effortlessly be sent to our online list manager, email verifier or Atomic Mail Sender,” Makarov added.

Developers worked on Atomic Lead Extractor for almost a year, thoroughly vetti ng the software in a community of beta-testers. The result is a polished product that will stand up to demands by the most advanced users . However, Makarov advises against hasty purchases: “All of our software is shareware, which means that you can always try before you buy. I recommend you visit our product page:, watch the demo video, and then download a trial version. Give it a try and you will see how useful this tool can be for online marketing.”

Marketers face many challenges when trying to contact potential customers or partners for the first time. While sending an email to a prospect is a normal practice not forbidden by the CAN-SPAM Act, in reality, many of the se emails end up in the intended recipients’ “spam” folders . Said Makarov, “Picking up a phone and giving a call is a more effective tactic to get through to a person than sending an email. The s ame is true for a friendly personal instant message. Many customers asked for software that can retrieve phone numbers and Skype contacts, so this is what we’ve created.”     

About the company:
AtomPark has specialized in email marketing software since 2001. Their products are famous for flexibility and ease of use.  For more information about Atomic products, please visit or send an email though the web form on the vendor’s website. 

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