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AtomPark Software Releases Atomic Mail Verifier 7.00

AtomPark Software, Inc. released a new, rewritten version of their award-winning Atomic Mail Verifier. This software allows Internet marketers to verify email addresses of newsletter subscribers.

Every email marketer at one time or another needs to verify their mailing list. If you are using a single opt-in process (you do not require subscribers to click a special link in an email sent to their address) there is a chance that some percent of your subscribers put a misspelled or incorrect email into the subscription form. While double opt-in is a perfect solution to this issue it can drastically reduce the percentage of people who successfully subscribe to a newsletter. So if a marketer sticks to single opt-in they need to verify emails before sending their newsletter.

A prolonged pause in communication with the subscribers is another situation when an email verifier is essential. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) found that email addresses are changing at a rate of 31 per cent per year. With one in three people changing their email address once a year marketers really need to keep track of outdated email addresses.

Why bother with verifying email addresses? Konstantyn Makarov, CEO of AtomPark Software, Inc., explained, “There are lots of reasons why you would want your mailing list cleaned of outdated and non-existing email addresses. The first reason is to save money. SMTP providers usually put a cap on the number of emails you can send within a particular email package. And some premium SMTP providers charge for every email sent through their server. The better your email list is the more effective your marketing campaign.” The other reason is having a good record with Internet Service Providers (ISP’s). “When an ISP receives many emails to non-existing addresses it assumes the sender is sending SPAM and blocks them. So even legitimate emails are no longer delivered to the users’ inboxes ,” Makarov added. Finally, the ISP of the sender can block the account sending many emails to non-existing email addresses. This is how it happens: “When you are sending an email to a wrong email address the recipient’s server sends a bounce email, saying that the email address does not exist. If you are receiving hundreds of bounces in a short period of time your own ISP notices an increased traffic to their server and reviews your account. ”

Developers keep working on Atomic Mail Verifier since 2006 and the newest version is very different.  Konstantyn Makarov summed up the changes, “Atomic Mail Verifier 7.00 has absolutely new, intuitive interface but not it’s not the look that changed the most. We have rewritten the software, introducing a new method of checking email syntax and improving overall performance. As always, this software is integrated with other Atomic applications and our online services.”

Atomic Mail Verifier is shareware which means it’s free to try. You can download the software at  

About the company:
AtomPark has specialized in email marketing software since 2001. Their products are famous for flexibility and ease of use.  For more information about Atomic products, please visit or send an email though the web form on the vendor’s website. 

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