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Atomic SMTP

You will get:

Secure mailings

High-speed delivery

Expanded SMTP features


Atomic SMTP Server features

SSL connection support

Our SMTP server fully supports a secure SSL connection used to send safe email messages. In order to send bulk mailings using SSL, you need to select the current connection type in your bulk mailer program settings and specify the SMTP server’s main parameters.


DKIM support

We recommend generating and using a DKIM signature when sending mail via the SMTP server. DKIM means a cryptographic signature for the sender's domain name. Thus, the company can be clearly identified and sender authenticity can be confirmed. The user generates a personal DKIM key in the Atomic SMTP service Member Area; this key will be used by our technical support specialists in order to sign your domain.


SPF support

If you really want to increase deliverability of email messages sent from your domain, you can use SPF entries. This is necessary to reduce the possibility of messages from your domain being delivered into spam folders. You can create SPF entries using different registrants. For example, see the detailed instructions on specifying SPF entries at http://www.godaddy.com. We recommend using SPF entries because they can improve a newsletter's deliverability and your sender reputation to both mail services and recipients.



Atomic SMTP supports integration into mail clients and bulk mailers (software) that you may use for sending mass mailings, including Atomic Mail Sender. The integration process includes copying data from the SMTP settings (see them in your service account) and pasting them into the program settings. SMTP settings data include your personal login and password to access the SMTP server, and server address and port number. All of the SMTP settings are generated automatically in the SMTP settings menu item after you have registered in the service member area.

Read detailed instructions about SMTP server integration in the Knowledgebase at our website.


Dedicated IP

The service of dedicated IP allows clients to obtain a personal IP address when using our SMTP server for sending bulk mailings. Thus, regardless of other senders' actions and good faith while sending e-newsletters, you can always be sure that they will not influence your IP reputation or cause you to be blacklisted.

We constantly monitor our dedicated IP addresses in order to make sure our clients' IPs never become blacklisted.


Report generator

The Atomic SMTP service is able to generate reports of several operation types:

  • Mail history
  • Hard bounces

All of the reports are available in the corresponding menu items and are displayed in easily understandable charts, with the opportunity to save them into a CSV file.



Email addresses of those recipients who have refused an email mailing sent via the Atomic SMTP are automatically removed into a separate list of blocked email addresses. In the future, your mass mailings will not be sent to these blocked email addresses. Find the “Do Not Send” list in the Unsubscribers menu item.

Functionally, our SMTP server allows you to manually add the email addresses of those recipients who have unsubscribed from mailings. This is a good way to unsubscribe a client from all e-newsletters forever, without having to detect the address and remove it from the list before every bulk sending.


Send emails with attached files

Main SMTP features provide users with not only fast and secure deliveries, but with the opportunity to attach files of a certain size to the sending messages. Each SMTP plan includes 50 GB of traffic per month.


Unlimited number of sender names

While sending via Atomic SMTP, you can use as many sender names as you want—a new one for each email campaign. Thus, our service supports the ability to change the email sender name according to the purpose of the campaign.


High-speed delivery

The Atomic SMTP supports a high sending speed—up to 100,000 emails per hour.


Helpful advice on improving mailing deliverability

Our experts will tell you the most effective ways to set up your mailings from any mail client or bulk mailer software. You can also get professional advice on how to improve your email campaign deliverability and increase the percentages of campaigns that pass spam filters.


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