Activation Error

    Before activating any Atomic product, make sure that the components of the program are not blocked by your antivirus, and that the Internet Explorer browser is working correctly.


    You should check these parameters before the registration process to activate the licensed version without any errors.


    Activation errors of the program

    If, during the installation process, you get one of the following errors:

      • The program won’t activate. Service is temporarily unavailable.




      • You managed to activate the program, but it still starts in trial mode.

    Use this step-by-step instruction to eliminate the activation errors.

    Step 1. Check the validity of Internet Explorer


    Step 2. Add the program to your antivirus exceptions

    Step 1. Check the validity of Internet Explore

    Program activation may fail if there are problems with Internet Explorer browser Internet connection.


    In this case, you have to check the validity of Internet Explorer.


        1. Launch Internet Explorer, enter any URL, and see whether the site loads.
          Check your Internet connection.
        2. If the site doesn’t load, it means that Internet Explorer has bugs that need to be fixed.
          We recommend updating the browser to the latest version. Download the latest version at the official Internet Explorer website:
      • You can find other error correction suggestions on this page "

    What to do when Internet Explorer stops working

      • ".

    Step 2. Add the program to the antivirus exceptions

    The problem may occur if your antivirus considers the program a bug.


    To fix it, you have to mark the program file as an exclusion.


    * By all means, do not shut down your antivirus!

        • First of all, your computer will be unprotected in this case, and can get infected by a virus.
        • Second, this won’t solve any problems. When you run the antivirus again, it will still recognize the Atomic product as unsafe.

    ! The correct way to do it is to add the program to the exceptions in your antivirus.

    In this case, while scanning your computer, the antivirus will mark the program as safe and skip it.


    The exceptions list file is generated in the antivirus settings.


    Every antivirus has its own unique settings. Nevertheless, the main algorithm is applicable to any antivirus.


    Below, there’s an example of how to add the Atomic program file to the exceptions list using the Avira antivirus.


      1. Open the settings of your antivirus

        Launch the main window of the antivirus; find the “Extras” tab, which opens the "Configuration" window.

        (Accordingly, if you have another antivirus, open its settings.)

      2. Find the “Exceptions” section in the settings, and open it. It is used to add/remove exceptions.
      3. Then you need to find and add the Atomic program file into the exceptions.

        As for the Avira antivirus, if you click the “Browse” button , the window that allows you to choose the program file that you are planning to add to exceptions (location of the drive and folder) will open.

        Choose the file and click “Add”.

        The file was added to exclusions, and its entire file path will appear in the list.

        If you did everything correctly, the file is now added to the list of safe files, and the antivirus will skip it during the scanning process.

        If needed, the file can be deleted from exclusions. To do this, you have to select the file in the exclusions list and click the “Delete” button.

        When you are done working with the antivirus, press the “OK” button to save all the changes.

        The antivirus won’t add the file into the exceptions list?

        This problem can be solved by temporarily shutting down the antivirus protection function.

        Do not close the antivirus — just shut down the protection!

        Find the antivirus icon in the system tray and click it with the right mouse button to open the shortcut menu and uncheck the box “Activate Real-Time Protection” (depending on your antivirus, the name of this box may differ).


        Launch the main window of the antivirus; find the “View -> PC protection” tab, which opens the "Real-Time Protection" window. Deactivate real-time protection mode.

        Now you can safely add the file to exceptions.

        Don’t forget to turn on the protection again!

        If you did everything according to the instructions given here, but the program still won’t activate, send a message describing the problem to our technical support