Proxy Server

    What does proxy mean?

    A proxy server is used to hide a user's real IP address, and thus allows the user to surf the Internet securely and anonymously. Additionally, a proxy server can encrypt the transmitted data.


    Proxy server types:

    Depending on the protocol, there are four main proxy types: HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, SOCKS5.

    HTTP – a standard proxy server. It is used for anonymous Internet surfing.

    HTTPS – a subtype of standard proxy that supports encryption and is used for secure connection.

    SOCKS – this proxy server has subtypes, including SOCKS4 and SOCKS5, and is not intended for a work with content. This protocol is used by many Internet messengers (MailAgent, ICQ, etc).


    Why should I use a proxy server?

    First of all, proxy servers guarantee the user anonymity by hiding his IP address and providing a secure connection. This is particularly important when connected to a public Wi-Fi connection.

    An unsecure connection without proxy usage can result in a situation where all of your passwords and actions are available to hackers behind your back. This can definitely be dangerous for your privacy!


    Where can I find a proxy server?

    Depending on your required parameters and functions, you can choose the type of proxy server that will fully fit your needs


    How to select a proxy server

    When you select a proxy server, you should take note of the following parameters:

    • The existence of dedicated IP addresses and their quantity
    • The encryption level
    • Fast installation and minimal configuration
    • Online customer support and technical documentation