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    What is SMTP?

    SMTP is short for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and it is used to transfer e-mail messages between computers.

    An SMTP server performs two functions:

    • Verifies proper configuration and grants permission to a computer attempting to send a message.
    • Sends an outgoing message to a predefined destination and tracks the successful delivery of the message. If it is not deliverable, a message is sent back to the sender.

    Where do I get an SMTP server to send mass email?

    You have several options depending on the number of emails you are going to send daily.

    SMTP from Your Internet Service Provider

    Internet Service Providers usually prevent customers from sending out too many emails in a too short period of time. They achieve this by:

    • using email send limits: per day, per hour or per number of recipients
    • blocking the default SMTP mail server port (25)
    • using whitelists, so only customers who bought an upgrade package can send out mass emails

    Visit your ISP’s website and look for pages like Acceptable Use Policies, Terms of Service, etc. to find out more.

    Web-based email services with SMTP support

    Many web-based email services support SMTP protocol, so you can use products like Atomic Mail Sender to send mass email. Just like ISPs, they have outgoing mail restrictions (for example, Gmail lets you send not more than 500 emails a day). Luckily, Atomic Mail Sender and Atomic Email Studio support the use of multiple SMTP accounts, and they can be used sequentially: first email goes through server1, second goes through server2, etc.

    SMTP and Your Hosting

    If you have a website you probably can send email through the SMTP server that comes with your website. Of course you might want to use a different hosting company, not the one that hosts your website.

    Third-party SMTP services

    Third-party SMTP providers is the way to go if you want your emails delivered without much effort and technical knowledge from your side. You determine the number of emails you want to send monthly and buy a package that includes that number of emails.

    Here is a list of SMTP server providers that we trust with our clients' mailings. Study, test, and choose from them:

    SMTP2GO is the scalable, reliable email deliverability solution. Worldwide servers, a robust API, and powerful reporting set us apart.

    SMTP.com Affordable SMTP and email relay API services. SMTP.com sends billions of emails every month with 99.99% uptime and unmatched delivery.

    Find out all the questions regarding tariff plans and conditions for using SMTP servers on our partners' websites.

    Virtual private server (VPS)

    A virtual private server (VPS) or virtual dedicated server (VDS) is a great solution for emailing without limitations. A word of warning first, this method is not for newbies - you should be able to manage a Windows server (or hire somebody who can). Your server will have a unique IP address and the hosting company does not really care what you do with your server, especially if you go offshore. We have positive feedback from our clients about this Malaysian VPS hosting.

    Free SMTP Servers

    Mail server SMTP  server  settings
    SMTP server name SMTP username SMTP password SMTP port
    Alice SMTP smtp.alice.it (or smtp.alice.de, or
    smtp.alice.fr –
    it depends on your local account)
    your Alice account your account password 25 or 465
    AOL SMTP smtp.aol.com your AOL address your account password 25 or 465
    Aruba SMTP smtp.aruba.it your Aruba account your Aruba password 25 or 465
    Bellsouth SMTP mail.bellsouth.net your Bellsouth email account your account password 25 or 465
    Bluewin SMTP Smtpauths.bluewin.ch your Bluewin email address your Bluewin password 25 or 465
    Comcast SMTP smtp.comcast.net your Comcast email address your Comcast password 25 or 465
    Gmail SMTP smtp.gmail.com your Gmail address your password 465
    GMX SMTP mail.gmx.com your GMX email address your GMX password 25 or 465
    Hotmail SMTP smtp.live.com your Hotmail account your Hotmail password 25 or 465
    Yahoo SMTP smtp.mail.yahoo.com your Yahoo! Mail account your Yahoo! Mail password 465

    Whatever SMTP solution you choose our Atomic Mail Sender and Atomic Email Studio will help you send mass email efficiently and effortlessly.

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