Verify Email Addresses Using Web Script

    Use the verification through web script in case when your ISP blocks the Port 25.

    Read detailed instruction of how to check if the Port 25 is blocked in our article “Check Port 25”.

    You can easily verify emails using web script:

    1. Upload the web script file to your website
    2. Specify the file path
    3. Start the verification using the web script


    Let’s analyze each step in details.

    1. Upload the web script file to the website

    First you need to activate “Use web script” option (“Common settings –> Scripts –> Use scripts to verify emails”).


    Click the “Get script” button and download the script file to your computer. After this, you need to add the saved file to any directory of your website.

    Note. If you own several websites, you can add the script file to each of them. This helps you to speed up the verification process.


    2. Specify the file path

    In order Email Verifier can use the web script located on your website for checking email addresses, you should specify the URL.

    Copy the full file path starting right from the domain name (e.g. and paste it to the URL field in the Scripts program settings.

    You can test each script you add. This test is done automatically after adding or editing the web script file URL into the table. Besides, there is an opportunity to customize the number of threads for each script.


    During the scripts testing, each of them is marked with a color (status) as you can see at the screenshot above.

    • Green – the script is good, it works
    • Red – this script does not work
    • Yellow – the script works partly; click the URL, see the script description and find out the thing that doesn’t work
    • Grey – the script is not tested yet


    The script version is also checked


    If there are any outdated scripts in your list, they will be highlighted with a red color. This means that these scripts were updated. You can see the new version in the “Get script” button.

    How to update the script?

    You must download the script file of a new version and upload it to your website instead of the old file.

    Note. You must use the script taken from Atomic Mail Verifier that is installed on the same computer. Otherwise, you will get an error if you try to check email addresses using web script from another computer and another Email Verifier.


    3. Start the verification using the web script

    After checking all the settings and making sure that everything is ok, you can download the list of email addresses and start the verification.

    Note. If you have the only website and you want to speed up the verification, you can create the number of script file copies (e.g. verifier_script.php, verifier_script2.php, verifier_script3.php, etc.). Specify the separate URL for each file copy – and you will get the number of threads that corresponds to the number of files.


    "Invalid web script ID" Error

    This error appears when you (or someone else) try to check email addresses using the same script but on a different computer.

    What should you do to succeed in verification when this occurs?

    1. Open the web script file in the text editor that is located under the specified link.
    2. Look through the script text and find the define ('ID', 'YYYY') line. Copy the YYYY value.
    3. Activate the "Manual entry of ID" option in the script program settings, edit the necessary script and insert the YYYY value in the ID field.