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    Quick Intro

    Atomic Whois Explorer is designed to search through global WHOIS database to extract owners’ personal data. Current version of the program is capable of retrieving all contact email addresses and expiration dates. What is whois database? It is a storage place of registration information about owners of the Internet domains. For example, searching whois data for from gives you the following results:


    Google Inc. (DOM-258879)
    2400 E. Bayshore Pkwy
    Mountain View CA 94043

    Domain Name:
    Registrar Name:
    Registrar Whois:
    Registrar Homepage:

    Administrative Contact:
    DNS Admin (NIC-1340142) Google Inc.
    2400 E. Bayshore Pkwy
    Mountain View CA 94043
    Fax- +1.6506181499

    Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
    DNS Admin (NIC-1340144) Google Inc.
    2400 E. Bayshore Pkwy
    Mountain View CA 94043
    Fax- +1.6506181499

    Created on…………..: 1997-Sep-15.
    Expires on…………..: 2011-Sep-14.
    Record last updated on..: 2003-Apr-07 10:42:46.

    Domain servers in listed order:

    Which things are of most interest? They are administrative contact and expiration date. The first one contains domain owner data (person or company name), such as phone/fax number and email address. 2011-Sep-14 is a date when this domain ( will expire, making it available for anyone to register (but I’m sure this time will never come. 😉

    Though, you may download a simple whois.exe program and make whois-request manually, this will waste a lot of your valuable time. Using Atomic Whois Explorer automates this process. Moreover, multithread mode available in this program let the users explore domains with an impressive speed – several hundreds a minute! Just imagine how many hours it saves you!

    When your search is completed and you see a list of domain owners’ addresses, Atomic Whois Explorer suggests you to save them into a file or MS Excel/Word application.

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