How to Use SMS Services for Business Purposes in 2009

    by Paul Shuteyev

    First off, I let you know that Online SMS Services are not related to spam. Of course it can be so, but it's really depends on you and your business model. We wouldn't advice you to do that if your only business model is spamming :)

    Let's check how online SMS services work

    Let's take AtomPark's Online SMS Service called "Atomic SMS Sender" as example.

    Atomic SMS Sender is the sms sending service allowing for short text messages to be sent right from web browser on your computer to cell phones world wide.

    Atomic SMS Sender is a leading provider of bulk SMS messaging service with reliable coverage of more than 700 networks in over 150 countries worldwide. Our SMS Sender is the best tool for the most fast, secure reliable communication with company staff and clients. Bulk Text (SMS) messaging is an ideal instant broadcasting technology saving your time and money.

    Whether you want to inform a single or 50,000 persons you should simply select the recipient or a group, type a short message on your computer, click SEND and your message will be sent immediately.

    Atomic SMS Sender will allow you to upload your contacts database (e.g. exported from text or CSV file) into groups. Names, groups and mobile numbers can be easily managed through an intuitive web-based interface with functionality in mind. Each message sent from Atomic SMS Sender Control panel can be tailored to include the name of the sender, SMS from field can be set as the name of your company or as a telephone number.

    SMS message speed is 3000 sms/min and validity period is 48 hours. The Validity period defines the time the outgoing SMS message is kept trying to be sent to a cell phone which is out of reach. If the message could not be delivered after this period expires, the delivery is ceased.

    Key features of Atomic SMS Sender

    • Transmitting messages to subscribers served by more than 700 operators in over 150 countries around the world.
    • SMS Character Counter.
    • 3 free SMS to taste our service.
    • Quick SMS send feature.
    • Schedule sending.
    • SMS sent statistics.
    • Payment is available in any currency.
    • Two-way messaging (bi-directional) is available in over a 100 countries.

    So, you see that the simplest way to start your SMS campaign is to send Bulk SMS from the Web. You can give it a try and send few SMS for free.

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    Paul Shuteyev
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