Techniques 2009: How To Organize Your Own Internet Marketing Seminar

    by Paul Shuteyev

    If you’ve been focusing solely on the market you could reach online, then you’re missing some big profit.

    The World Wide Web can be a very big place, but let’s face it. More people are actually not interested with the Internet compared to the people who are regular web users. You may be servicing a bustling segment of the online market today, but how long would it take before that segment of the market becomes saturated? And even if new people are logging online on a daily basis, you will have to compete with other internet marketers for their valuable attention.

    So, how do you increase your market base? How can you ensure a more profitable business for your online enterprise?

    One approach which has yet to be fully exploited is organizing local internet marketing seminars. These are workshops, symposiums, conventions and even boot camps that aim to teach people, live and in person, the real possibility of earning a living online, and the fundamental steps that should be taken to ensure the same.

    Conducting internet marketing seminars would be very beneficial in so many levels.

    • You’d be able to tap into the offline market and bring them online.
    • Your audience would find you even more credible, as they won’t have to rely on written words alone. They will see and hear you, live and in the flesh, and this could effectively eliminate the hesitations usually caused by the anonymity provided by the internet.
    • You’d be able to build your brand as an expert for being able to organize an event like an internet marketing seminar.
    • You’d be able to promote your own products, more effectively at that because you’d be able to tell your audience about it in person.
    • You’d be able to build a battalion of committed affiliates since you’ll be able to interact with your prospects.
    • You’d be able to build great relationships, which could result in faithful customers as well as future joint venture partners.

    Before you start thinking that organizing an internet marketing seminar is a difficult task, think again. With a little planning and solid logistical support, you’ll be able to conduct an event like this quite easily. Here are the steps you should take.

    1. Choose a subject you wish to focus on. This subject should be particular enough for discussion. Basic lessons, techniques, tips and overviews are good topics for internet marketing seminars.
    2. Try to determine if you could discuss the subject yourself. Be honest. Do you have the requisite public speaking skills for the job? If not, you should invite speakers from the internet marketing industry to discuss the topic before your audience. Some of your speakers would require a profit sharing scheme, others would do it for free for the chance to promote their brands. In any event, it is but proper that you provide for their accommodations and travel expenses.
    3. Determine where you want to hold your event. A densely populated locality would be a great option. But the place where most of your mailing list’s subscribers are located would be an excellent option as well, to guarantee you the audience you need.
    4. Find a suitable venue in the place where you have decided to hold your seminar. This could be a ballroom of a hotel, a university’s conference hall, or even a convention center if you’re planning to invite more than 500 people. You have to reserve the venue at least 3 months in advance.
    5. Prepare the program of your event. If you will have several speakers, make sure that there will be an open forum after each segment to give your audience the chance to ask their questions.
    6. Determine if you want to charge an entrance fee for the event. You could choose to earn from the gate receipts, of course. The price would be dependent on your overhead expenses as well as how renowned your speakers are. However, it is also a good idea to offer your seminar for free, especially if your expenses aren’t that big. This way, you’d be able to attract more people to whom you could efficiently promote your products.
    7. Market your event as you would a digital product.

    The logistical difficulty would depend on the magnitude of the event you will be organizing. For starters, you should keep things small, to help you gain the necessary experience. Once your efforts prove successful, you could start organizing bigger events involving bigger personalities in the online marketing scene.

    Internet marketing seminars are excellent marketing options that would leave your audience fully satisfied, and your business fully invigorated with newfound vigor.

    Written by:
    Paul Shuteyev
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