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comments 19.07.2021 Ira Byvalkevich @ Email Marketing, SMS Marketing

SMS vs. Email Marketing


Which is better: email vs SMS?
It is not easy to answer this question, since each business has its own specifics, certain goals, and strategies. Nevertheless, we will try to help you decide.

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How to write cold outreach email

cold emails

Cold email marketing is the process of getting in touch with people via letters. It is important to discover in detail how to write such emails for outreach campaigns and raise not only your open rate, but also improve your replay rate statistics. Let’s begin.

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What is lead scraping?

email scraper

Find out more about the program that collects leads from many websites, applications, or databases and presents them in a human-readable form.

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Email newsletter: How to remind about the important without being annoying


The majority of marketers have problems with when and how to send reminders. To make the things clear I found out for you all the details on: what is email reminder, remind e-newsletters mistakes, how to create gentle email reminders, the frequency of sending such newsletters.

comments 22.06.2021 Ira Byvalkevich @ Email Marketing

Types of email sendings

email types

The type of mailing is always determined by the purpose that you are pursuing – that is, the actions you want your subscribers to get motivated by. Make it right with our help.

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Influencers: Who are they and how to make them useful for business


Discover who influencers are, what’s their contribution to your marketing success may be. Also, find out & how to work with them and where to look for by studying our post, which will help to achieve good results and minimize the risks.

comments 02.06.2021 Ira Byvalkevich @ Email Marketing, SMS Marketing

Best Happy Birthday Email and SMS Examples

happy birthday

People are happy to share their data, including their birthday, if you ask for it. Discover how to set up the data collection seamless & effective and use nice congratulation examples?