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Top 45 Free-Submit RSS Catalogs


45 Working Sites to Quickly Submit Your RSS Feeds

There are a lot of lists out there of links to submit your RSS/XML feeds. However, many of those lists are outdated and include sites that require registration to submit your feed. I have personally gone through each of these sites to insure the site is live and the user does not have to create a registration to submit a feed.

I thought this would be a quick way for you to gain feed subscribers, increase back links, and site traffic. You should be able to go through this list under a half an hour.

Subscribe to our feed via e-mail and get bonuses like this every week + Free e-books with rare tactics and secrets. 

Enjoy submitting your feed and getting more subscribers, my friends!

  2. BeGoodBe
  3. BlogBunch
  4. Blogdigger
  5. BlogPulse
  6. BlogStreet
  7. DayTimenews
  8. Feed Ooyoo
  9. feed24
  10. Feedbase
  11. Feedest
  12. FeedBomb
  14. FeedFury
  15. FeedMap
  16. feedNuts
  17. FeedPlex
  19. FeedSee
  20. FeedsFarm
  21. FindRSS
  22. Golden RSS Feed
  23. Icerocket
  24. Jordo Media
  25. MillionRSS
  27. News On Feeds
  28. Octora
  30. PLAZOO
  31. PressRadar
  33. Read A Blog
  34. RSS MAD
  35. RSS Network
  36. RSSbuffet Feed Directory
  37. RSSMicro
  38. RSSMotron
  39. SciencePORT
  40. Search4RSS
  41. Small Business Blog Directory
  42. SolarWarp.Net
  43. StrategicBoard
  44. Uncle Feed
  45. WeBlogALot


Top 45 Free-Submit RSS Catalogs
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  1. Is there any service to post my RSS to all these directories for a small fee or free?

  2. Great list. I went through most of them. You have a great blog too.

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