Top 10 Most Popular Marketers in the U.S.A.

    by Paul Shuteyev

    Top-10 list of corporate marketers for 2007


    Despite being acquired by SBC, the new AT&T continues its strong and visible presence in the Asian-American community, and is an early pioneer in the U.S. Asian market -- allocating one of the largest national budgets to address the diversity of its Asian-American consumer base. Its leaders continue to believe in multicultural marketing, and allocate its marketing resources wisely. AT&T is also one of the leading employers of Asian Americans in the country, with executives and employees who are visibly engaged in community-based organizations locally, regionally and nationally. Their commitment to the Asian-American community is truly second to none. *2* State Farm In a market dominated by insurance companies, State Farm stands out as one of the most committed national marketers. Its senior directors, managers and agents are visible and positively engaged at every major Asian-American event, and their overall commitment is matched by their financial investment in the myriad of communities it serves. The company's integrated marketing, public relations, advertising and corporate involvement places them at the top of the insurance category in the Asian-American market.


    Engaged in the Asian-American market for more than 20 years, no other insurance company has had a longer, more dedicated commitment to Asian-American marketing than MetLife. Its marketing and advertising campaigns are unique and resonate well with its increasingly diverse consumer base. MetLife and its Asian-American agents are among the best in the country and truly represent the diversity of the communities it serves.

    *4*New York Life

    This company seemingly does it all with an internal ethnic marketing team that has its fingers on the pulse of its diverse consumer base. Another long-time corporate marketer in the Asian-American community, New York Life keeps up with its rivals by staying clearly focused on its target audience. New York Life was one of the first companies to introduce an in-language directory of insurance and healthcare terms.

    *5* Wells Fargo

    Unlike other financial institutions that start and then stop abruptly in the Asian-American market, Wells Fargo has continuously and consistently addressed the financial services needs of recent immigrants to well-established Asian-American consumers, businesses and entrepreneurs. The company's management team has a number of highly visible and committed Asian Americans, who serve as role models to other minorities and women. In the banking world, Wells Fargo stands tall.

    *6*McDonald's USA

    Being a leader in the market hasn't made McDonald's complacent. Staying true to its leadership position in the Asian-American market, McDonald's embraces its commitment to leading all of its corporate initiatives with multicultural and ethnic insights. The company continues to bring together and activate all of its assets, including its network of Asian owner-operators, its Asian employees, its agencies, its core marketing, communications, media, supply chain and diversity teams to remain best in class.

    *7*Wal-Mart Stores

    The world's largest retailer has made significant strides in the Asian-American market through targeted advertising, marketing, public relations and diversity initiatives. And to help it become an even better corporate citizen, the company engaged some of its harshest critics to serve as advisors to the company. Due to its involvement in the U.S. Asian market, more retailers have taken notice and have followed their lead.


    Verizon's commitment to the Asian-American market includes culturally appropriate advertising that clearly emphasizes their diverse corporate team, including Asian Americans. Although its team is smaller than its larger telecom rival, one highly visible and tenacious Asian-American director is a fixture at nearly every national Asian-American event. And it isn't unusual to see significant Verizon presence at the most prominent Asian functions.

    *9*Western Union

    Western Union recognized long ago that immigrants from Asia and other countries wire a large sum of their hard-earned wages to relatives in their countries of origin. In many parts of the world, these wire remittances contribute significantly to the GDP of developing countries, including China, India, the Philippines and other points in Asia. Western Union is not just a smart marketer; they know that their continued growth depends on their ability to keep things as simple as possible for their Asian-American consumer base, and to target them using a multi-media platform.


    For nearly 20 years, this corporate leader has been actively engaged in the Asian-American market. Although their advertising in the Asian-American market is somewhat limited, the company has generously donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in corporate contributions and sponsorships to community-based organizations nationwide. The company missed an opportunity to promote a long-time Asian employee to VP, but continues to play a visible role in the Asian-American community.
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