Mass mailing software ー Atomic Mail Sender

    The bulk mailer provides a process of email forming and sending newsletter to the certain recipient from an email address list. This emailing software is comfortable and inexpensive. The characteristics are beneficial comparing to the rest IT products:

    • Integration with other online marketing emailing software packages
    • Unlimited number of email addresses for a newsletter
    • You can find one more feature of using Atomic Mail Sender. You do not need to report about how the email addresses were collected to the database. Nevertheless, we recommend do not abuse this option

    Our company strictly follows Anti-Spam policy.

    The easiest way to create a letter and sent it to your database with bulk mailer software

    You might start the work from the writing the text of the letter. The emailing software includes different types of editors (plain, HTML) or it allows writing the message in a text mode. You can work only with a code in the HTML editor. If you choose the plain editor, it offers you to edit posts simpler. It is available to divide blocks of information, change fonts, and add links, tables, images, multimedia elements, attach an additional file for changing the background etc. Thus, you can create a letter in a perfect corporate style. It is possible to add widgets of social networks and "Unsubscribe link" wizard in the end of the letter. The verification links function makes checking of all the links that used in the message.

    Next step after creation of the message is process of choosing the recipients by the adding the email address list. There are options to do it manually or automatically. We recommend making it by exporting the email address list from:

    • A file or database
    • Outlook Address Book
    • Windows Clipboard

    Technical settings of bulk emailing software

    • Determining the perfect variant of the SMTP-server. There are built-in server, 3rd-party SMTP server and Atomic SMTP Server
    • Atomic Mail Sender also can use Socks4, Socks4A, Socks5 proxy servers
    • SSL/TLS authentication support hides private information and ensures privacy security
    • Spin-text is a special text or word that provides and changes some words in the message. This function helps to pass spam filters
    • Spam check examines the probability of passing spam filters

    Atomic Mail Sender program offers to determine the priority settings and functions before sending the newsletter. Activation of them can significantly accelerate the work process. It is possible to choose the type of SMTP server. The built-it server is by default. If direct newsletter is prohibited or impossible, you can activate an external SMTP server. Integrated server does not require manual configuration and starts to work independently after receiving the authentication data.

    SSL/TLS authentication provides a high degree of confidentiality and protection the important information in the letters. They work with all types of SMTP servers.

    You can also select the type of Proxy Server. This is useful when operating multiple SMTP servers or if you need a gradual newsletter.

    Atomic Mail Sender is checking the passing of spam filters. This function includes two main option that were developed:

    • Passing of a spam check test (based on SpamAssassin)
    • Generation and insertion of spin-text in the message body

    The process of sending messages is going quickly because Atomic Mail Sender works in multithreaded mode. Analyzing is a last step of the email marketing campaign. Atomic Mail Sender provides with a list of statistical reports of your campaign as well.

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