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    Keyboard shortcuts

    There are keyboard shortcuts that can be used in AMS

    Action Keys
    Compose a new message CTRL-N
    Save a message CTRL-S
    Open an existing message CTRL-O
    Print the document CTRL-P
    Edit message details F3
    Manage the “Recipients list” F5
    Start sending mail F9
    Send test message F8
    Select all text in the editor CTRL-A
    Copy text to the clipboard CTRL-C
    Cut text to the clipboard CTRL-X
    Paste text from the clipboard CTRL-V
    Delete the selected text CTRL-DEL
    Undo the last action CTRL-Z
    Redo the last action CTRL-Y
    Find CTRL-F
    Quit the program ALT-F4
    Search by manual
    • Inserting the text
      • Merge data
        • Inserting a link
      • Spin text
      • Random text
      • Random words
    • About the program
      • Introducing the AMS
      • AMS online
      • Main window
      • Using a command line
      • Restoring after crash
    • Settings
      • Program settings
      • SMTP Wizard
      • Interface language
      • HELO address
      • Default message properties
    • Work with the project
      • New project
      • Save project
      • HTML templates
      • Schedule the delivery
    • Message editor
      • Insert a table
      • Insert social icons
      • Unsubscribe function
      • Spam check
      • Message editor
      • Random picture
    • Recipient list
      • Recipient list
      • Find dialog
      • Unsubscribe the recipients
      • Extract email addresses
    • Sending mail
      • Message properities
      • Send test mail
      • Delivery
      • Reports
    • Monitoring
      • Tracking email messages
      • Google Analytics
      • Bounce Analyzer
    • About errors
      • Messages are not sent
      • Messages sent, but not received
    • How to…
      • Send mail
      • Personalize the mailing
      • Send mail anonimousely
      • Generate new mailing list
      • Find SMTP- server
      • Track the delivery
      • Keyboard shortcuts
    • Contacts
      • Troubleshooting
      • Atomic Mail Sender registration
      • Updating the software
      • Lost registration data
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