New Atomic Newsgroup Explorer 4.00 release

New Atomic Newsgroup Explorer 4.00 release

AtomPark Software is glad to announce the new Atomic Newsgroup Explorer 4.00 version release

The updated Atomic Newsgroup Explorer (ANE) 4.00 version has been released on March 4, 2008.

ANE is a progam to find on the Web groups of people that share similar interests

Here is the list of new features that have been added:

[+] Full support of Windows Vista
[+] Support of unicode messages (especially, extracting data from headers)
[+] Multi-language version (added German, Spanish, Russian languages to English one)
[+] Sorting data in column when click on the headers
[+] Autosave contacts each minute. So you will never have the results lost
[+] Selecting the groups in list by a keyword
[+] New option to export "selected only" contacts
[*] Imporoved and bugless program registration scheme

Moreover, we have made up a special bundle that let you puchase ANE a little bit cheaper. You can order a package of  Atomic Mail Sender (a powerful bulk emailer) + Atomic Newsgroup Explorer for $99.85, in other words you will pay for Atomic Newsgroup Explorer $20.00 only (the regular price is $49.85)! Buy this bundle now!  

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