Atomic Email Studio - 10 tools in one!

Atomic Email Studio - 10 tools in one!

AtomPark Software is glad to announce the release of new Atomic Email Studio.

Atomic Email Studio, what's that and what for?

Atomic Email Studio is an all-in-one solution, a shell for 10 Atomic email marketing related programs, it provides an easy way to work with that programs together. From one place you can control all your email campaigns, create and send newsletters, manage mailing lists, collect contacts from different sources. Also, you have a convenient access to the statistics provided by our online services (if registered with) and the latest news.

Download Atomic Email Studio

Atomic Email Studio includes 10 e-mail marketing modules:

Atomic Mail Sender (email newsletter sending module)
Atomic Email Autoresponder (for sending autoreplies)
Atomic List Manager (for editing mailing lists)
Atomic Subscription Manager (for handling subscriptions automatically)
Atomic Mail Verifier (for verifying e-mail addresses)
Atomic Email Hunter (for collecting contacts from Internet)
Atomic Email Logger (for collecting contacts from local files)
Atomic Newsgroup Explorer (for collecting contacts from newsgroups)
Atomic Whois Explorer (for collecting contacts from global WHOIS database)
Atomic IE Contacts Spy (for collecting contacts from visited sites)

Atomic Email Studio benefits:

- Studio ownership will let you to get the programs listed above unlocked cheaper then ever!
- Instant access to the email marketing industry news.
- Easy projects and mailing lists management. You see everything that you may need for your new e-mail campaign in one screen.
- Very easy to work in Studio.
- Atomic Email Studio we used the newest innovative "Ribbon" Interface.
- Atomic Email Studio shell is free

More information about Email Studio /  Buy Atomic Email Studio Ownership license unlocking the best 10 email marketing programs