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    Great product with a lot of options. But not complicated to use. Software for professional Marketing!
    Stuart Wilson Lewis
    I tried the demo version of Email Hunter and was immediately impressed by program. It started to amass a great deal of relevant email address. They were niche specific and very useful. I look forward to upgrading to the full version.
    Tom Turner
    An awesome well-worked software to solve marketing issue of collecting relevant email addresses.
    Atomic Email Hunter is the best software I know of for crawling the web for emails. I've been using it for quite a while, love it. Keywords search is pretty effective.
    The Atomic Email Hunter is a great tool and the best on the market. The customer support is also the best, they are always ready to help . I strongly recommend it to anyone who is looking to purchase a software like this.
    Jermaine Brown
    I have used the demo version of Atomic Email Hunter. It's absolutely a good software, helping me in looking for potential clients' email. Instead of searching on the internet, copy and paste (boring and tiring work) this software helped me a lot.
    Pham Tan
    iOne Tour Viet Nam
    This is the best email extractor software EVER!! A must have.
    I recently used Atomic Email Hunter and have to say what a fabulous product it is, I shall surely use other Atomic products when I need to.
    Gus MacGregor
    Security Development Services Limited
    Terrific staff. Willing to help at any time. I've tried others, but this is the best extractor I've ever used.
    Income Group
    Atomic Email Hunter is the best solution for me to crawl webpage via searchengine like google. Nice interface and easy to use.
    I have used the trial version, and found very helpful, which will save a lot of time. I will recommend the software to others
    I'm very impress with Email Hunter and how fast it can find the leads/contact. It saves me hundreds of hours compiling and extracts the information using our marketing staff time. Thank you.
    Wyatt T
    Agility Technology Pte Ltd
    Thanks so much for taking your time bringing up this software: Atomic Email Hunter, Atomic List Manager and also Atomic Email Verifier. I used it from a friend's computer, and I am highly impressed with the softwares. Also thanks to lady Galina, she is indeed a great wonderful lady in attending to customers.
    I did one search from Atomic Email Hunter and other software as Web Data Extractor, there was a big difference between these two programs. Your Email Hunter is really better and nice software to get clients.
    I love the customer desk, they have good customer relationship, they talk to you like brothers/family. I will definitely refer this product to friends
    I tried about 10 different email extraction programs and Atomic Email Hunter is definitely the most effective, I am looking forward to trying the full version.
    Amnesty For Citizens First
    i download the unregistered copy of email hunter and it surely blow my mind, now i`m buying the Atomic Email Hunter. Recommended.
    graffitts apparels
    Fantastic software. Does what it says on the tin I contact a lot costumers
    Fantastic software, everything we need for gathering a local database on our specified keywords.
    Atomic Email Hunter is a great software I found on net which has no competition at all in all the cases. The online support form the team is excellent. Very useful for any business, and I strongly reccomend this software to others also to use it. Thanks a lot to the creators. Thanks, Vishal Bhatia
    Vishal Bhatia
    I would highly recommend Atomic Email Hunter if you have online or offline business.  It's worth it!
    Apex Citi Group Inc
    This software helps us very much. It's amazing. I got 5000 email addresses within one hour.
    This is one of the greatest extractor i have ever seen and it really fovourable
    loan company
    Amazing Software, Atomic Email hunter is probably the one software that is available on the market, that fits my expectation. APLLAUSE to the creator of this software
    Fabian Maj
    A fantastic service and a software that exceeds my expectations.
    I downloaded trial version of Atomic Email Hunter. Very good software! I'll buy full version.
    Atomic Email Hunter, is a fantastic software for extracting emails simply by entering the target URL. It is the fastest email extractor that i have found anywhere.
    Atomic Email Hunter is the best mail extractor I've ever worked with. Complete, reliable and user friendly. 100% effective.
    I tested out the email hunter program and it was awesome. Saved me so much time. I can't believe I did not find this product before!
    This is a great product for all sorts of reasons, especially if you have a list of businesses and need to find relevant industries people to contact
    Ben Harrington
    Ben Harrington
    Great product ! Installation was very fast and simple, and the program was fast to take off. Fast and easy to use and the MS Office combatibilty makes using very smooth ! Thank you guys !
    Martti Kontinen
    I was blown away at the speed an accuracy of the emails that were extracted from craigslist, and other classified ads to build my seller and cash buyer database. Best investment I ever made for my real estate investment business.
    Keith Elzey
    Kema Real Estate Investment
    We have been using the Atomic Email Hunter for some time now and it has been the best tool that we have used in this space. We have tried many pieces of software but this is the only one that produced the results we wanted to see.
    Robert Doba
    I just love your email extractor. Thanks a lot.
    Md Kamruzzaman
    I absolutely love this program. Been looking for a long time for something like this. Glad I found it!
    Steven James
    Nice software. Good work guys! I had tested several that kind of soft and I decided to pic this one! Helping me so much!
    YHP Service Oy
    We had the opportunity to try the Atomic Email Hunter program, the trial version. We are impressed by the power of this software. We decided to buy it immediately, we know positively impact sales of our products. We are very grateful. Drio Nestor Pulido - FOSEP - Colombia
    Nestor Darìo Pulido
    Fosep Sas
    Once you try it, you can't live without it! Now we can build our super targeted email list in minutes and saving hours of manual job. Thanks!
    I just started e-mail marketing as I’m new to the world of online marketing. I wanted to do this e-mail marketing right, clean, ethical, and legit. So, I was looking for a product that can give me the major tools for online e-mail marketing right on my desktop with all these ethical qualities. I found E-mail hunter, verifier, and sender. I found this to be a perfect set up to have on my desktop. A software that can fetch targeted e-mails – rock on, a software that can verifier the e-mails that you retrieved – that’s important, and a software that can send your campaign with build in templates to your targeted list – right on! This three way combo make it easy, saves a lot of time, its flexibility, and it’s fun. These three tools give you the ability to do the job of three department’s right on your desktop and with no monthly fees. Seriously, I recommend for you to check these products out, you will be pleased that you did.
    Luis Garcia
    The Personal Development Spot
    I've been using the trial version for 3 days and I can't wait to have the full version. It exceeds my expectation of an email grabbing software.
    Ingming Aberia
    I tested the free version of Atomic Email Hunter and is the best email hunter software aroung I got more than 10k of emails in 3 minutes.
    I downloaded the trial version. I was impressed. Features are great and it can be customized to do a presise job. We expect to save many times it price on mailing lists. I would higly reccomend this program!
    Mike Brenning
    I love the product Atomic Email Hunter, I have look for this kind of product for so long and I am glad to find it here.
    Ufuoma Peace
    Raising Ceos Group
    I never knew that there could be such a fantastic email extractor. This has saved lot of my time and concern of marketing online.
    Great Product...
    I need to send obtain some email to promote me new start business and Atomic Email Hunter did just that. Not only was the software great but the website was safe for downloading apps.
    This tool is the greatest I have ever heard about; I tested and found everything an internet marketer needs. A piece of software should not miss in your briefcase. Highly recommended.
    Tried the demo of this software i'm so impressed i'm going to upgrade to full version. Really easy to setup does what it says on the tin.
    Paul Bulmer
    System Reboot York
    Tried 4 other softwares around and none beats atompark's email hunter. The interface is easy to use and understand. There is 21/7 hour support, as well as fast email retrival...if you need to know, it was 4 times faster than the othr softwares I have tried.
    This is a very usefull and powerfull tool. We are on Argenitina, and we really recommend that, there is no other program like this here! Enjoy it! Fernando
    Fernando Daniel
    Applied Mailing
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