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    We specialize in email management and processing software. On our web site you will find downloadable trial versions of our software and the latest news about products and updates.

    We have a solution to all of your bulk emailing needs including:

    Atomic Email Studio — it’s a convinient centre to control your email campaings. Universal software package contains 9 the most popular email marketing programs. Easy to work, it will provide the control over your projects and save yout time.

    Atomic Mail Sender — this is a powerful bulk mailer and the biggest bargain on the internet. It accepts mailing list in .txt and .lst formats and can use the list generated by Email Hunter and Email Logger. With its own built in SMTP server and multi thread capabilities the Atomic Mail Sender turns your computer into a powerful email server capable of sending an unlimited number of emails. And it totally bypasses your ISPs mail server.

    Atomic List Manager — mailing list management utility. It can sort, split, marge, maintain the lists. It has about 20 mailing list operations. Lists of unlimited sizes are supported.

    Atomic Email Hunter — a very flexible online email extractor designed to harvest email addresses and user names from the web sites you define. The program extracts email addresses and the names of their owners from websites and search engines.The list of extracted addresses can be later exported to MS Office applications, saved to a file or clipboard or transfer to the other Atomic programs.

    Atomic Email Logger — your hard drive may have hundreds of email addresses on it, but until now that resource has gone untapped. But now, with Email Logger, you can get those addresses that are invisibly stored in program files, browser caches and other places. You can collect email addresses without even going on the internet! The program has also different plug-ins allowing you to extract data from ZIP, RAR, Word, Excel files, Outlook mailboxes etc.

    Atomic Whois Explorer — Atomic Whois Explorer is designed to search through global WHOIS database to extract owners’ personal data. Current version of the program is capable of retrieving all contact email addresses, phone and fax numbers, country name and expiration dates. Once the list of domain is loaded and processed, the program imports all found data to a text file, Windows clipboard or any MS Office application.

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    • Work with Atomic Mail Verifier (AMV)
      • Welcome to Atomic Mail Verifier
      • Register Atomic Mail Verifier
      • Why should I register Atomic Mail Verifier?
    • Program Settings
      • Common Settings
      • Proxy Settings
      • DNS Settings
      • SMTP Settings
      • Filters Settings
    • Filtering addresses
      • Filter email addresses
      • Filter rules
      • Search addresses
    • Verify Addresses
      • Import the emails list
      • Email addresses verification
      • Stop Verifying
      • Verify failed
      • Command Line
    • Export Addresses
      • Save verified email addresses
      • Export Wizard
    • Connection
      • Upgrade Atomic Mail Verifier
      • Email management software
      • Customer support
    • Introduction into Atomic Email Verifier
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