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Email Marketing 2010 – Top 25 Reasons to Launch Email Newsletter

Email marketing

Email marketing

If you are considering launching email marketing campaign or just an email newsletter – these tips are written for You! These are 25 tips to help you understand email marketing and email newsletter publishing strategies.

*E-newsletters establish a regular link between brand and customer.
*Email provides instant contact for urgent announcements or releases.
*Customers can receive messages wherever they are, either at home, at work or mobile.
*Many customers spend a majority of their time at a computer where the message is delivered.
*A well crafted email campaign can provide value to, and educate customers.

20 more tips!

    • E-newsletters can supplement any other marketing channel and add value to other campaigns.
    • Email marketing creates a direct link to your sales team.
    • Email marketing provides a customization that other marketing channels can not provide.
    • E-newsletters enable customers to get the information they are interested in while giving your company insight into what they are and more importantly are not interested in.
    • E-newsletters coupled with promotions promote spending on your brand.
    • Newsletters can give customers pre-release information on products to enhance sales.
    • Regular newsletters provide a critical connection between customer and your brand.
    • E-newsletters keep customers and prospects abreast of any new organizational developments.
    • Email marketing is the most efficient form of mass communication.
    • Loyal customers will sign up for information and can be rewarded with custom benefits.
    • Regular communication drives measurable traffic back to your website.
    • Companies can launch global campaigns and keep their audience up to date.
    • Email marketing delivers news to your audience wherever they may be.
    • Customized offers and messaging lets your prospects and customers feel special.
    • Regular communications keeps your customers and prospects interested and loyal.
    • An audience can be reached immediately with any new product or release.
    • Targeted email marketing is measurably valuable and results are easily quantifiable.
    • Customized dynamic content can give customers exactly what they are interested in.
    • Customers actually welcome the emails with educational information and and special offers.
    • Email marketing provides the highest ROI in the area of digital marketing.
      Email Marketing 2010 – Top 25 Reasons to Launch Email Newsletter
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