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    by Paul Shuteyev

    How To Broker JV Deals For Fantastic Profit, Without Having To Spend A Single Cent

    Let's try this hypothetical scenario.  Supposing you're in this position:

    1. You don't have a single cent in your account.
    2. You don't have enough marketing skills to catapult a digital product to the height of prominence.
    3. You don't have a mailing list composed of hundreds, if not thousands, of potential customers.
    4. You don't have any money - at all - to fund the creation and promotion of a digital product online.
    5. You don't have the brand name that commands credibility and immediately increases consumer confidence.

    Should you give up on internet marketing?  Should you walk away from the potentials of making tons of cash online?

    The uninitiated will say, any of the scenarios above - and more so all of them combined - would be enough to make you surrender the dream of making it big online.  But what do these people know?  Their imaginations are limited.  Their fears are doing all the talking.

    You shouldn't be one of them.  You shouldn't lose hope.

    All you need is an IDEA.

    Yes, an IDEA.

    Just one great idea can lead you to an online goldmine, and potentially, a windfall of profits that could come your way.

    How can this be done when you don't have the resources, financial or otherwise, to see your idea into actuality?

    Have you heard about joint ventures (JV), dear friend?

    Joint ventures are partnerships between online marketers who will pull their resources together for the success of one project.  For example, they could promote one product in all of their mailing lists for maximum exposure.  Or they could chip in their own products for one mega-package to increase its value and its salability.  They could promote this in their respective mailing lists with a system that would allow the members of each list to subscribe in the mailing list of the other members.  The effects of this could be long term.

    Joint venture partners usually employ some sort of profit sharing scheme which they will agree on beforehand, so that each partner would know how much his share of the pie will be.

    Joint ventures are encouraging options for any online businessman for the following reasons:

    • They could trim down the expenses since they will be pooling their resources together.
    • They could minimize the losses, if ever, since a lot of them would bear the same.
    • They could promote the project to a wider audience through their combined number of subscribers.
    • Less renowned personalities can piggyback on the credible names of their more popular partners.  This is great for branding purposes and for winning consumer confidence.
    • Much can be learned from one another, especially from the more experienced partners.

    So, given the scenarios in the first part of this article, where could you fit in with a joint venture?

    Well, if you have a great idea, you could become a JV broker.  JV brokering is one of the few online opportunities that would help you garner a lot of profit without having to invest a single cent... for as long as you have the right connections.

    If you have befriended established online marketers, or if you know how to contact them the right way, then JV brokering may be the option perfect for you.  All you need, as we have mentioned earlier, is an idea.  It may be your own idea, or someone else's idea and you'd want to help him make it a reality.

    With this idea, you could create a proposal.  This proposal is what you will present to the prospective JV partners you'd want to pool together.  If you proposal is viable and profitable, then there is no reason why your prospects would say no.

    How will you get paid?  You could be paid directly based on a rate you have stated beforehand, or you could be paid via the profit sharing scheme that the partners would decide on.  Either way, you'll get a piece of a pie.

    Not bad for someone who only started with plan, right?

    Written by:
    Paul Shuteyev
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