How To Boost The Salability Of Your Resale Rights Products: Step by step!

    by Paul Shuteyev
    How To Make It Really Huge And Stable - Step By Step   Selling products with resale rights is a very lucrative online business. However, not everyone can success with this endeavor because of the intricacies involved with such a trading. To ensure maximum profitability in this field, you must learn how to package your resale rights products correctly. And this involves some knowledge on the different factors that make or break resale rights marketing. Let’s take a look at them, their nature and reasons, how to avoid the perils they bring, and how to use them to come up with a resale rights package that your prospects would find very difficult to resist. *1* Exclusivity. People will be more interested to buy products with resale rights if their sale is limited to certain number of people. There are many reasons for this. Primary of these is the fact that resale rights are appealing because they would provide for the purchasers an additional income stream. But if the product with resale rights is sold to an unlimited number of people, the market would just be saturated and there will be little room to make a profit. The same is true for products with resale rights that may be sold to a limited number of people when such a number is in the hundreds if not the thousands. The best approach is to sell your resale rights products to a maximum of 50 people, though a lower number would always prove better. *2*Price. Though you are justified to sell your resale rights products for a price higher than the value of the basic package, if you sell the same for an exorbitant cost, you’d have problems effectuating some sales. As a rule, multiply the value of your basic product by three. Let this be the selling price for your resale rights product. Though, you must remember, the lower the price, the more sellable your offer would be. *3* Restrictions. Resale rights can come with restrictions. But too much of them would compromise the value of the product. You may restrict certain usages for your products for example, and this would alienate some people who would otherwise be interested with the same. The rule here is to enforce only the restrictions that would preserve the worth of your resale rights product for the benefit of your purchasers. These should be restrictions that are enforceable to all of them so that their interests would be protected from possible abuses by some of the purchasers. *4* Market life. Selling your resale rights product when it is at the end of its market life would be tough. People will find little value for it, since they would have the impression that they’ll have a hard time selling the same. To allay their fears, suggest a unique selling proposition they could use. For example, you could recommend the inclusion of valuable bonuses to increase the appeal of the product, in case they’d decide to buy its resale rights from you. Or you could recommend the inclusion of supplementary products to come up with a turnkey package that would likewise increase the offer’s salability.   By considering these factors that affect the perceived value of your resale rights product, you’d be able to develop an approach that would make your offer more attractive to potential purchasers.   Here are the steps you should try to take, in a nutshell:  
    • Determine the cap for the number of people who could buy your resale rights product. As we have mentioned earlier, the lower the number, the more sellable your offer would be. But the determination of the cap should go side-by-side with the viability of the profit you will be able to make.
    • If you decide to sell your resale rights product to 40 to 50 people, it is advisable to peg your offer at one and one-half the amount of the basic package if it were to be sold without resale right.
    • If you decide to sell your resale rights to 20 to 40 people, it is advisable to peg your offer at twice the amount of the basic package.
    • If you decide to sell your resale rights to less than 20 people, you could charge up to three times the amount of the basic package.
    • Prepare a special report which would help your purchasers maximize the profitability of the resale rights product they would be buying. You could do this by suggesting the employment of certain strategies that they may not have considered when it comes to reselling the product they have bought. This would also give them the impression that you’re an online businessman who over-delivers, which would be great for branding purposes.
    • Offer a post-sales service. This is not limited to merely technical matters about the product. It may include consultancy sessions that would help them earn some income from the reselling of the product they have purchased from you.
      It’s all about the packaging. The conditions surrounding the resale rights product you have prepared may not be favorable for your behalf, initially, but with some hard work and clever thinking, you’d be able to turn the tide to your advantage.
    Written by:
    Paul Shuteyev
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