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    Today I would like to talk to you about sales. Beyond all doubt, lead generation is the fundamental basis of all sales. In simple words, lead generation is the practice of soliciting contact information from potential customers.
    When it comes to generating leads, professional salesmen are guided by proven tactics. Today, there are a huge number of lead generation strategies. You can use various events as a tool to exchange business cards with potential customers, speak at professional meetings, answer questions on LinkedIn, look for decision-makers in target companies, join discussions in customer groups, respond on Twitter and Facebook, and contact prospects from your company’s corporate website.

    To succeed in sales, you have to realize the importance of strategy alignment to generated leads. The success of your business directly depends on the fullness of your contact list. Lead generation is the first stage of the sales process, and here, two factors are important to ensure that the subsequent stages of the process are successful.
    The list of potential contacts must have two variables: quality and quantity. Lead quality is a well-known variable that is usually determined by a disposition of a potential customer to take the next step to a purchase. In other words, your gathered contacts must be relevant. For example, if you deal with investment, it would be a bad idea to search for leads on a house-cleaning blog. Successful businesses always strive to generate successful leads. And if this variable is more or less clear, the quantity variable requires refinement.
    Obviously, a contact list with over a thousand contacts can’t be absolutely relevant. So why is this variable important? Even if a contact list contained nothing but relevant links, the most qualified sales manager wouldn’t be able to close every one of them.

    A successful salesman would be able to make appointments for 10 leads out of 100. Four leads out of 10 will close a sale. Therefore, if a salesman has to close 40 sales per month according to his monthly quota, the contact list must be refilled with 1000 new contacts each month.

    Lead generation techniques tend to maneuver between quality and quantity. For example, the subscription form on your website should bring you high-quality leads—these contacts subscribe voluntarily, and consequently, will probably be interested in making a purchase. But they more than likely will not generate a large number of sales.

    You should use other approaches to keep your list’s quantity controlled. First of all, it is necessary to understand that to succeed, this parameter has to be attended to regularly. Depending on your lead quota, it must be replenished regularly. Salesmen tend to revise it monthly or even weekly. Obviously, this parameter must be cost-effective. Visiting conferences and other target events each month to exchange business cards is not the best approach. We advise you to automate the lead replenishment process—luckily, solutions from AtomPark Software offer many ways to gain contacts and make sales.

    Atomic extractors perfectly suit the lead generation process.

    Atomic Email Hunter is an easy-to-use solution to collect emails using Internet search engines. You can search emails by URL, keyword, or even plug in a list of sites.

    Atomic Lead Extractor allows you to extract email addresses, phone numbers, Skype, MSN, AOL, Yahoo, and ICQ data from the web. Contacting people by phone, Skype, or instant messenger is often more effective than sending bulk mail. You can use this solution to generate quality leads.

    Atomic Email Harvester finds contacts located on your hard disk. These addresses can be found in Program Files, your Internet browser cache, your personal Outlook folder, and many other places.

    Newsgroup Extractor is capable of working with private newsgroups locked by password.

    CD Email Extractor allows you to specify which files and folders to search, and which ones to skip. There are various filters and limiters for each search, giving you total control over the search process.

    Atomic Whois Explorer is capable of retrieving the email addresses of domain name administrators, owner info, and website expiration dates.

    Atomic Web Spider extracts emails from the webpages you visit.

    Whether you want to get new contacts or extend your existing client base, these solutions will save you time to spend on the rest of your to-do list!

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