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    Video Email Marketing is Still Alive, Try It!

    Hey guys, Hope you’re doing great! Do you remember the boost of video marketing and video email marketing back in 2008-2009? I do, and it was awesome and it generated a lot of great and interested leads. Many of marketers stopped using it and switched to more modern ways of marketing, like social media one. But that’s not the best option, and here I have the latest research from Web Video Marketing Council and Flimp Video Marketing. To keep it short I’ll say video marketing still works good, please see the proof below!

    Email Marketing 2010 – 4 Myths about Video Sharing via Email

    People are always looking for the next great thing in email marketing, and these days much of the talk involves social-networking (hey, check our Facebook group, btw) and even social-media integration. But there is one other technology—video, yes, old-good videos… This was a taboo in email marketing—that can be integrated into your campaigns. These 4 Myths now can be laid to rest and the taboo broken. Let’s discuss these email marketing and video sharing myths!

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