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    Analyze your email campaigns to improve next mass mailings

    Open Rate analyzis
    Opening best time
    Recipients' countries
    Email campaigns comparission
    Integration with Atomic Mail Sender
    The system may provide you with the necessary features to track Gmail

    It is possible to monitor your service subscription. Our Atomic Email Tracker perfect suits to Atomic Mail Sender. Integrate it with our bulk mailer to track your mass mailing campaign.

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    Atomic Email Tracker is a web-based service for tracking the letters that are being sent

    An Atomic program like that tracks all letters to also gather the status of send-outs within your email tracker personal area.

    Sending efficient newsletters couldn’t be effective without finding out the result. There are many services available to trace results. such a great of them is our Tracker that scans letter metrics, Open Rate, CTR, and deliverability.

    The email monitoring service allows you to track Gmail, monitor all from the service subscription based on the parameters set, and define if your letters are a success.
    You may use advanced settings of monitoring features to search leads, contact prospects, and develop top-notch sales processes for your business team. If you need to get your cold mailing correctly choose the Atomic personalization option.

    Determine who to communicate to & what to message. Also, defining when to arrange communication is the key to effective email campaigns that are considered to be highly effective. Do not skip the chance to organize your marketing efficiently and boost results for any business marketing while analyzing email marketing activities. No specific tech skills, any extra effort to do that, and other needless fuss for analyzing an email marketing campaign are required! try right away all the functions for yourself or the fullest.

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