11 things to know about email marketing

    by Наталия Шморгун

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    Mass mailing is one of the most powerful branding tools out there. Whether it's a small business or a multi-million dollar corporation, with departments in every country. The development of a company name is equally important in the first and second case.
    And your main task as a marketer is to be able to deliver timely and relevant information to your audience. Another question is how to do it effectively and what is needed for this.


    We studied what influences the behavior of the reader, what elements of the letter encourage him to active interaction and decided to share with you these tips for marketers.


    Useful tips in marketing


    Any email marketing campaign needs to be structured, well-thought-out and look diligent. Follow simple rules to increase your customer loyalty and satisfaction levels dramatically.


    So what's important for marketing campaign email:


    1. Know your audience


    The top tips about marketing include an accurate characterization of your customers. Track customer behavior, purchases, products that he left in the cart or what he liked on the site as desired. Just remind him of his desires, and the result will not keep you waiting.


    An example of an email with a reminder about items forgotten in the shopping cart


    2. Max personalization


    Speaking of personalized letters, there is not only an appeal to the recipient by name. Take into account all the preferences of the recipient, his or her gender, age, birthday, the presence of children or pets etc. This way you can find the right product that will resonate in the hearts of your audience.


    Direct marketing emails example with congratulations to woman, who have children


    3. No monotony


    A set of texts will not impress anyone, even if it is sufficiently informative and useful. A person will get tired of reading a huge sheet and will simply close the letter. Break emails into lists, add images, etc.


    Example of not boring using emails


    4. Quality and systematic content


    Do not leave your readers in splendid isolation for a long time. A good marketing emailers know to be reminded of himself in accordance with product updates, promotions and holidays.
    Choose the appropriate information for each event, taking into account the preferences of the client. If you've already missed your train and haven't sent letters for a month, then try reactivation emails.


    An example of a letter how you can remind about yourself


    5. No spam!


    If your goal is to entice a lead to buy, then you shouldn't overuse profit texts. Too many words screaming about discounts for almost nothing will cause interest among postal services, because each has a certain list of forbidden words. Thanks to which your mail can be blocked for further sendings.


    Enough facts about your product, what it is good at and how it will come in handy. A discount or promotion can be tied, but not too much. If you want to get into primary folder, then just take this rule for granted.


    6. Interactivity in email


    Add more movement to your emails. It is enough to place GIF images, videos or some kind of simple game in the email. AMP technology will help you implement this idea into reality, so that the page quickly loads and does not freeze. This way you can captivate the person with this simple technique and increase your marketing performance.


    The best marketing emails example using gamification


    7. Catching CTA


    The call to action button is one of the most important elements of building an attractive newsletter. It should be catchy, stand out, clickable and contextually comprehensible (a person should understand what they want from him/her).
    Ideally, there should be 2-3 such buttons in the mail, but not more. If you overload the reader with requests, then most likely he will not choose anything.


    A good example of a transactional letter with 2 CTAs


    This is a great example of how not to do it. Not only is the picture itself bright, but there are too many CTAs on it, in which you can simply get confused.


    8. Adaptive design


    When you create a newsletter template, make sure that it looks equally beautiful and readable across devices. If you don't, then you will lose a large audience reach. This is because a person won't wait to come home to open a personal computer and read all the sendings.
    People open their mail anywhere, and more often they do it from their smartphones. If you have not taken care of displaying the newsletter on your phone, then it will be impossible to read it due to the small print, non-clickable buttons, etc. And a potential client will simply close such an email without even knowing what was there.


    The sample of bulk email advertising with good UI/UX for phone


    The sample of bulk email advertising with good UI/UX for PC


    9. Availability for unsubscribing


    Don't drive the reader into a corner with your emails. Always leave the decision to the subscriber: read or not read. At the very least, your newsletter may become irrelevant for a person or uninteresting. The user could close his needs and no longer need your suggestions. It should be done purely for reasons of respect and for the sake of one's own safety.
    For in the absence of such a link, most likely the reader will mark your letter as spam. Do you need to degrade your deliverability rates and spend money on uninterested audiences? That's right, you don't need to. Make your marketing effective by getting rid of excess subscribers.


    An example of an email with an unsubscribe link


    10. Clear clients` base


    Eliminate your customer base regularly from invalid addresses. Over time, some accounts become inactive, and there is also a number of unsubscriptions that cannot be ignored. A clean contact database allows you to keep the sender's budget and reputation.
    If you find the email address from external source with some programs or services, you should understand that it has a lot of spoiled contacts.
    The program for checking the mailing list can cope with this task efficiently and quickly. Try a trial version of the service and verify bulk emails online free.


    11. Track marketing metrics


    To find out if your email campaign was successful or not, it is not enough to hear admiration from your neighbor. Track the main marketing metrics in order to make sure that the email campaign did not fail, but completed its tasks. A special email tracker can help you in this matter, which will show how many letters were delivered, how many were opened, which links were followed, and so on.



    We have already learned the main components of a high-quality email. But how about promotions, how to present them in the right light and sell what you offer to your subscriber. And how to create a brand name using this type of newsletter.


    Promotional email in branding


    According to statistics, users buy goods through advertising emails at least once per month. Revenue from such campaigns is different for each industry, but the numbers speak for themselves. What are the benefits of promotional emails, let's look at it together.


    High ROI


    Did you know that ROI from promotional email marketing brings in $ 42 in revenue per dollar invested. Minimum investment and maximum results. Sounds more than good.


    Working with interested people


    As a rule, the mailing list is received by those users who have already subscribed to it. Accordingly, they are interested to know what new offers, seasonal discounts and the brand itself will be.
    Of course, you can neglect organic traffic and send emails to those who did not voluntarily agree to it. But is it worth it? The performance from such ads is disappointing. People react sharply to intrusion into their personal space, and what comes by the will of fate, and not with the help of effort (subscription), is perceived as something unnecessary.


    Therefore, follow the rule of your customers.


    Targeted audience


    More advanced level of their clients. With the help of the newsletter, you can send relevant information to exactly those who need it. For example, if a chain of stores is located in a certain region, then you can send letters to those people who are nearby.


    Psychological techniques


    Email marketing is a huge field for impulse buying. It is easy to navigate from information to purchase with a simple click of a button.
    Statistics on abandoned carts, viewed pages and previously purchased products will help you. Provide the user with information that the product they want is currently on sale at a discount, and the client will immediately want to get it.


    Word of mouth effect


    Email is easy to share by forwarding it to your friends or acquaintances. A person will talk about a product that satisfied him mentally and physically. This is how companies build multi-million dollar earnings. You can ask the subscriber to share the link, and in return give him some kind of bonus.


    Large coverage


    By sending letters, you can inform hundreds of thousands of people in just a few minutes. Even through social media, you won't reach that kind of reach.


    Instant response


    Launch a limited-time discounted campaign. You will be able to see the result of such advertising almost immediately. The person feels the need to hurry up and impulsively buys the product, as time is running out.
    In contrast, the usual posting of banners and distribution of leaflets gives feedback in weeks.


    Convenient services and software for sending


    Thanks to specialized ESPs, you can set up automated marketing emails sendings by region, set up a schedule, create a beautiful template, check your example for spam words, and much more.


    Let's summarize


    For the success of your brand, it is enough to have a computer and desire.
    Follow the simple rules for creating email campaigns and it will pay off handsomely.


    • Adapt emails for different devices.
    • Think about the right call to action that you want to get from the subscriber.
    • Dilute bland letters interactively.
    • Let go of those who are not interested in your newsletter.
    • Personalize for each audience segment.
    • Don't spam to leave your name untainted.
    • Submit quality and timely content.
    • Keep your customer base clean and tidy.
    • And keep track of key marketing metrics.


    And so that the newsletter does not irritate you because of the time and complexity of understanding, use a quality bulk email sender.
    Read our blog and find out more useful and interesting information.


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