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We propose you half-a-year of email campaigns monitoring with the help of Atomic Email Tracker online-service. After you order and buy our bulk mailer - Atomic Mail Sender - you’ve got 6 months of free email tracking service.

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Order Atomic Email Sender and Use Email Tracker for Free


Atomic Mail Sender together with Email Tracker provides you with the range of benefits:

  1. Send unlimited email messages to the unlimited mailing lists and compare the effectiveness of all the sent campaigns
  2. Personalize mass emails and track the opens and clicks over each newsletter
  3. Control unsubscribers as well as bounces and monitor the recipients activity
  4. Create text or HTML templates and see the detailed stats on time aspects
  5. Send through external SMTP servers and track the subscribers-by-country data
  6. ...and much more

Atomic Mail Sender – it’s your full-featured program to succeed in bulk email sendings when it is used with Email Tracker service.


Atomic Mail Sender tutorial video

If you are interested in how our program works - watch this tutorial video, it's only 4 minute long.

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Order Atomic Email Sender and Use Email Tracker for Free