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    Command Line Support

    Atomic Email Hunter supports command line to computerize many specific search operations. The syntax is the following:

    • C:\>cd You need to replace the “cd” with the path to the directory where the program .exe file is located. C:\Program Files (x86)\AtomPark\ePochta Extractor
    • Add > symbol, then write the program file name and the option you need C:\Program Files (x86)\AtomPark\ePochta Extractor >AtomicEmailHunter.exe –site “http://lifehacker.com” (quotes are optional)
    • After running the program the search will start: C:\Program Files (x86)\AtomPark\ePochta Extractor >

    What do these options mean:

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    Option Description Example
    –site “url” Start processing the site with url address. AtomicEmailHunter.exe –site atompark.com
    AtomicEmailHunter.exe –site massmailsoftware.com
    –keyword “word” Start searching through the sites that contain specified keyword. If you use two or more keywords, you should put quotes around them. AtomicEmailHunter.exe –keyword extractor
    AtomicEmailHunter.exe –keyword “email extractor”
    –level NUMBER This option is identic to the “Hunting depth level” field in Advanced search options panel. AtomicEmailHunter.exe –site massmailsoftware.com –level 3
    –site massmailsoftware.com/contact –level 4
    –links (all | site | folder | page) This option is identic to the “Hunting limitation” field in Advanced search options panel. AtomicEmailHunter.exe –site
    massmailsoftware.com –level 7
    –links site AtomicEmailHunter.exe
    –site massmailsoftware.com
    –level 4 –links folder
    –save Save to:
    –save WORD “file_path” Microsoft Word AtomicEmailHunter.exe –site lifehacker.com –save WORD “C:\Users\User070318\
    –save EXCEL “file_path” Microsoft Excel AtomicEmailHunter.exe –site lifehacker.com –save EXCEL “C:\Users\User070318\
    –save CLIPBOARD Clipboard AtomicEmailHunter.exe –site lifehacker.com –save CLIPBOARD
    –save AMS Atomic Mail Sender AtomicEmailHunter.exe –site lifehacker.com –save AMS
    −−save AMV Atomic Mail Verifier AtomicEmailHunter.exe −−site lifehacker.com −−save AMV
    –save ALM Atomic List Manager AtomicEmailHunter.exe –site lifehacker.com –save ALM
    –save WRITER “file_path” OpenOffice Writer AtomicEmailHunter.exe –site lifehacker.com
    –save WRITER “C:\Users\User070318\
    –save CALC “file_path” OpenOffice Calc AtomicEmailHunter.exe
    –site lifehacker.com –save CALC
    –save GOOGLE Google Drive AtomicEmailHunter.exe –site lifehacker.com –save GOOGLE
    –extlevel Set the hunting depth level when extracting from external websites. AtomicEmailHunter.exe –site massmailsoftware.com –links all –extlevel 5
    –quit Atomic Email Hunter will close itself after doing all the job.
    Search by manual
    • Using the program
      • About the program
      • Getting started
      • Start a new search
      • Pause search
      • New search Wizard
      • Use Command Line
    • Extract e-mail addresses
      • Advanced options pull-down panel
      • Search on site
      • Extract from list
      • Plug-ins
      • Mailbox Plugin
      • Search query language
    • Settings
      • Program settings
      • Search engine scripts
    • Save extracted addresses
      • Save results
      • Export to MS Office
      • Export to Open Office
      • Export to Atompark programs
    • Verify extracted addresses
      • How to verify email addresses?
    • Not getting enough emails?
      • Consider AT & DOT
      • If you search on site…
      • If you search by a keyword…
    • Registration
      • Why to order?
      • Register Atomic Email Hunter
    • Customer Support
      • Technical support
      • Upgrade the program
      • More software titles
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