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    Search on site(s)

    Improve Atomic Email Hunter efficiency on searching on a website.

    Ignore hidden email

    It is quite an important program feature because hidden emails are usually placed as spam traps. And if you send any of your emails to such a hidden address, your sender email address will be blacklisted immediately.

    Usually hidden emails are placed in <div style=’visibility: hidden;’>EMAIL</div> tags and Atomic Email Hunter can determine such tags and ignore the inside email address.

    For example, Atomic Email Hunter will ignore this code and inner email address:

    <div style=’visibility: hidden;’>
    <br /><br />
    SpamBot Email Trap
    <a href=”mailto:listme@blacklist.woody.ch”>listme@blacklist.woody.ch</a>

    This option is not active by default, but we recommend you to activate it for not to turn into a spammer. Go to

    • Settings
    • Common settings
    • Advanced

    and tick the checkbox ‘Ignore hidden emails’. Atomic Email Hunter will detect and ignore all the hidden addresses it found in the html source.

    If you are interested you can search through html code yourself for hidden emails. Just view page’s html source and find the necessary tags (if there is some) with the help of autosearch.

    Specify the hunting limitations

    If you do not define the hunting limitation Atomic Email Hunter will explore the current site only and search through the entered URL and all its subdomains. In other words it will stay on your website and its subdomains. Like when you get emails from Craigslist.com having it set to current and subfolders it will then get emails from Craigslist.com and subfolders like NewYork.Craigslist.com.

    But, let’s say, you want to get emails from yellowpages.com. The yellowpages.com itself will not probably give you any large amount of emails. And you know that it got a lot of URLs to the companies listed at yellowpages.com. In this particular case set Atomic Email Hunter to “All links” to get emails both from yellowpages.com and external links. In order not to get far away from yellowpages.com set “Hunting depth level of external sites” to 1 – 3.

    Search by manual
    • Using the program
      • About the program
      • Getting started
      • Start a new search
      • Pause search
      • New search Wizard
      • Use Command Line
    • Extract e-mail addresses
      • Advanced options pull-down panel
      • Search on site
      • Extract from list
      • Plug-ins
      • Mailbox Plugin
      • Search query language
    • Settings
      • Program settings
      • Search engine scripts
    • Save extracted addresses
      • Save results
      • Export to MS Office
      • Export to Open Office
      • Export to Atompark programs
    • Verify extracted addresses
      • How to verify email addresses?
    • Not getting enough emails?
      • Consider AT & DOT
      • If you search on site…
      • If you search by a keyword…
    • Registration
      • Why to order?
      • Register Atomic Email Hunter
    • Customer Support
      • Technical support
      • Upgrade the program
      • More software titles
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