Atomic Subscription Manager

Atomic Subscription Manager Features

  • Automatic subscription/unsubscription
    Atomic Subscription Manager allows automatic mailing list synchronization in several ways:

    • Processing of requests for subscription/unsubscription, sent via email
      Atomic Subscription Manager can check the defined email address for incoming emails and find clients' requests for subscription or unsubscription. Set the rules for processing incoming mail beforehand by specifying actions and theme keywords. This way, the program can find the necessary emails in the inbox. For example, if you specify that all email addresses that send you a letter with the subject "Subscribe" must be added to a mailing list, they will be added automatically. The same approach works for unsubscribing recipients.

    • Adding/removing email addresses with the help of subscription forms on the website
      Before using this way to subscribe and unsubscribe users, you should place forms and scripts on your website. After you place the form, just specify its address. When this is done, Atomic Subscription Manager will connect to the form and get information about new subscribers and users who want to leave your mailing list, making the necessary adjustments to the current list.

    • Via local files
      In this case, specify the path to a file that contains the email addresses you want to add/delete. When this is done, Atomic Subscription Manager will run the necessary operations to make modifications to the current project mailing list.

  • Automatic notifications
    Apart from the subscription/unsubscription process, Atomic Subscription Manager is capable of sending automatic notifications on a client's subscription status. You can create standard notifications on the current states and actions: "add user," "delete user," "user exists," "no such user," "confirm add," "confirm remove," (if the user's confirmation is required).
    Every created notification can be edited and is sent automatically as a response to the corresponding subscriber action.

  • Unlimited mailing lists
    Atomic Subscription Manager is capable of operating with unlimited mailing lists: add and edit contacts, search for email addresses and delete duplicates.
    On creation of a new project, specify the path to a local file with a mailing list, and the program will load it automatically.

  • Mailing list import
    Atomic Subscription Manager allows you to load mailing lists from files in *.csv, *.txt, *.xls, *.xlsx, *.doc, *.docx, *.mdb and *.accdb formats, from MS Outlook, or from Windows Address Book.

  • Invisible operation 24/7
    You create your projects and rules once, and they work from there on. The program can be set to start when you launch your PC. Your mailing list will be always up-to-date!

  • Fast and easy mailings
    You can launch Atomic Mail Sender at any time to mail to your lists.

  • Multitude of mailing list management options
    Atomic Subscription Manager can use list management instructions. Use the popular method of sending subscribe/unsubscribe requests to a mailing robot, or alternatively, use web forms and processing scripts on your website. 
    Most operations take a few seconds, even for large lists. The program is fully compatible with Atomic Mail Sender and other Atomic programs.

  • Export features
    You can save mailing lists to the clipboard, a text file, or into the following programs:

  • Integration with other Atomic products
    Atomic Subscription Manager lets you use mailing lists for checking email in Atomic Mail Verifier or mass mailing in Atomic Mail Sender.
    If you start Atomic Subscription Manager while using Atomic Email Studio, then all file creation and exchange operations between the programs will be carried out automatically by Atomic Email Studio. Mailing lists from an Atomic Studio project can be used in Subscription Manager project creation.