Atomic Email Tracker

Atomic Mail Tracker Features

Do you want to know who reads your newsletters?
Atomic Email Tracker is an online service for monitoring the effectiveness of your email campaigns. With an account, you’ll always know which subscribers actually read your newsletters and which links they click.

Main monitoring features:

  • Total number of subscribers and the percentage of those who read the newsletter
    Statistics are provided for all sent campaigns simultaneously, counting the total number of sent, opened and linked email messages ("Statistics" menu –> "General summary").
    See the percentage of your subscribers who really read your newsletter, and find out how often they click the links, and which links are clicked most often in a single email campaign. Select a campaign with the filter option. Percentages are tallied automatically, and are shown as easy-to-analyze charts.

  • Subscribers by countries
    You can see the proportion of domestic and foreign readers of your newsletter ("The efficiency" menu –> "By countries"). We always use the freshest GEO IP database to check a subscriber’s country.
    You can see the subscribers-by-country data both in the general campaign summary and in the statistics of a single selected campaign. Use the filter options to search for an email campaign.
    The statistics are also shown as pie charts and easy-to-analyze graphs.

  • Elapsed time of reading
    In your control panel, you can see detailed stats on time aspects of the newsletter, including information about the days of the week and times of day when your readers read your mailings ("The efficiency" menu –> "By Hours|Days|Months".
    Percentages are calculated automatically and are shown as easy-to-analyze graphs in the general campaign summary. Use the filter options to search for an email campaign and view its stats.

  • Response dynamics
    You can learn how readers’ levels of interest change depending on the day of the week, how responsiveness changes over time, how much time subscribers spend on reading your mailings, and so on.
    You can see easy-to-analyze stats of all email campaigns sent, or of a single campaign.

  • Compare effectiveness of different campaigns
    You can compare various parameters of any two mailings visually. The easiest way is to overlap the graphs' images and compare campaign effectiveness. The criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of each campaign are the number of read and linked messages (all and unique).
    This way, you can use the data to tweak the optimal format of your campaigns.
    See graphs of other activity parameters in the screenshot section.

  • Reports
    The service is capable of creating statistic reports and sending them to your mailbox or RSS. You can specify the time interval to receive notifications from the service—daily or weekly. The report is generated in *.csv, *.txt, *xls, or *.xlsx format, and contains information on either read and linked emails, or all data types.

  • Integration
    Atomic Email Tracker is an additional online service. It can be integrated with any mailing program by adding a special code into the body of an email message (instructions). Make the most of the service by using it with Atomic Mail Mailer or Atomic Email Studio, which independently perform all the necessary steps for tracking email campaigns.