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    Stop Verifying

    The verifying process can be stopped and paused by using the corresponding buttons on the tool bar in the “Verify” menu tab.

    Pause — it allows to pause the process of checking email addresses. To continue checking just click on the “Pause” button for second time.

    Stop — it stops the process completely. The program will report just on the addresses it has time to verify through.

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    • Work with Atomic Mail Verifier (AMV)
      • Welcome to Atomic Mail Verifier
      • Register Atomic Mail Verifier
      • Why should I register Atomic Mail Verifier?
    • Program Settings
      • Common Settings
      • Proxy Settings
      • DNS Settings
      • SMTP Settings
      • Filters Settings
    • Filtering addresses
      • Filter email addresses
      • Filter rules
      • Search addresses
    • Verify Addresses
      • Import the emails list
      • Email addresses verification
      • Stop Verifying
      • Verify failed
      • Command Line
    • Export Addresses
      • Save verified email addresses
      • Export Wizard
    • Connection
      • Upgrade Atomic Mail Verifier
      • Email management software
      • Customer support
    • Introduction into Atomic Email Verifier
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