Atomic Mail Sender

Bulk Email Software for streamlining your email-marketing campaigns

Email Extractors

Extract emails from websites, newsgroups, Whois databases, browser cache files and other files on your PC

Email Verifier

Remove invalid emails from your lists to improve delivery and inboxing rates

Atomic SMTP Service

Get a quality SMTP server for newsletters and transactional emails

Atomic SMS Sender

Send bulk SMS at low rates using our online service

Our bestsellers

Create and send mass e-mail
  • Bulk email sender
  • Use built-in or your own SMTP
  • Address recipients by name
  • Remove unsubscribed users
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Extracts contact e-mail addresses from web pages
  • Search emails on websites
  • Search emails by keyword
  • High speed and accuracy of search
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A mailing list checking and e-mail verification tool
  • Verify email syntax
  • Verify domains
  • Verify emails
  • Unlimited lists
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With Our Mobile Marketing Software You Can

bulk sms senderSend bulk SMS
Send individual or bulk sms for a fraction of the cost of mobile service providers! Once you register here you can send 3 free SMS to test our service.

  • Coverage - over 800 networks in 200 countries
  • Affordable - starting from 1.5 US cents per message

Mass Email Software Advantages

Bulk email software is becoming an essential part of any email marketing campaign. Email marketers need fast and cost-effective mass mailing software. What are the main advantages of desktop bulk mailing software over any web-based mass email service?

  • Easy to install and use
  • Send mass email from your PC
  • No monthly fees like online email marketing services
  • Do bulk email marketing your own way – any mailing list size, any frequency of newsletters

AtomPark Software is a leading developer of mass emailing software since 2001, developing high-quality email campaign software: bulk mailers, email address extractors, email verifiers, mailing list managers and other bulk mailing software. All our products from a simpler bulk email sender to the all-in-one mass email marketing bundle are powerful and reliable bulk email solutions.

Top Email Marketing Tools

Atomic Mail Sender is a powerful bulk emailing software that you can use to create, send and track mass emails to your subscribers and customers.  

Atomic Email Hunter is the most popular email extractor that can extract email addresses from all types of websites. Unlike most email extractors it can collect emails from password-protected websites and social networks.

Atomic Mail Verifier Atomic Mail Verifier lets you validate email addresses before sending any emails. Email address verification is a must-do process for any email addresses you have not mailed to for some time. If you verify email addresses you cut down bandwidth usage and avoid error messages flooding your inbox. You can also verify email list online.

Atomic Subscription Manager is the tool for adding subscribers using web forms and one-click removal of users from your mailing list. Do newsletter marketing the right way with this subscription management software.

Atomic Email Studio is an all-in-one email marketing software that lets you find and verify email addresses, manage mailing lists, create, send and track unlimited emails. You can collect email addresses from all types of websites, files on your hard drive, Outlook and other email clients, newsgroups, Whois, CD & DVD disks, browser cache files and other locations. With Atomic Email Studio you will be able to verify email addresses and manage your mailing list (not only you can split, merge and filter your list but also fix common typing errors and remove duplicates). Creating and sending professional-looking newsletters is easy because apart from built-in templates you can use your own HTML templates that match the look and feel of your website. We recommend using optional email tracker so that you can track email delivery rates and see who and when opens your newsletters and what links they click. Atomic Email Studio is fully CAN-SPAM compliant, your recipients can unsubscribe from your newsletters by sending an email with an unsubscribe request or they can click a link in your newsletter and they will be unsubscribed automatically. One of the advantages of desktop mass mail software is that you can send bulk email and do not have to pay for every message. With this power comes the responsibility to market ethically and in compliance with the laws of your country.

Atomic Email Tracker helps you monitor the effectiveness of your email campaign. You do not need any technical knowledge for newsletter tracking - just sign up for our mail tracker service and you will be able to see who opens your emails, when they open them and what links they click.

Bulk SMS Sender lets you send group SMS from PC to over 700 mobile networks. When you send text messages you can personalize them and choose any SMS sender ID. SMS marketing is a good addition to traditional email marketing and it is getting more and more popular. Businesses are sending bulk SMS to their customers when they have sales, open stores in new locations, etc. You can send bulk SMS online or integrate our SMS gateway with your software, please contact us to receive SMS API documentation.

Atomic Email Logger is another popular email harvester that can extract emails from virtually any file on your PC(doc, xls, pst, zip, rar, gz and more) . This is also a perfect Outlook email extractor so if you need a good mass email grabber take a closer look at this email extraction software.

Atomic Whois Explorer will search whois databases for email addresses of the websites owners. With Whois email database email harvesting becomes quite easy.

Email List Manager will help you split and merge lists, sort e-mails to exclude duplicate or invalid e-mails and personalize your mailing lists. In addition to desktop email list management software we have online email list software.

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