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comments 01.04.2021 Daria Ivanishina @ SMS Marketing

Geo-Targeted Text Message Campaigns


Geo-fencing in SMS marketing is the key to reach your target audience and engage many new leads. Have you ever thought that you can send bulk text messages to the clients when they pass near your business location?
Read about how to use Geo-targeting SMS campaigns in mobile marketing: definition, tips and cases.

comments 11.02.2021 Ira Byvalkevich @ SMS Marketing

5 Life Hacks of Atomic SMS Sender: Make Full Use of Bulk SMS Service

sms lifehacks

In this article, we will tell you more about the service possibilities you probably might not know. So, stay with us to discover the life hacks for using SMS senders to the fullest.

comments 21.01.2021 Daria Ivanishina @ SMS Marketing

Pitfalls of the Cheap SMS Services: Trap for Scrooge

SMS services

Mobile marketing is in good progress and increases at a rapid rate.
Of course as in any business, among lots of opportunities for bulk SMS features happens fraud and unlawful acts.
People who wish to send an enormous amount of text messages for peanuts are more likely to fall prey to SMS fraud.
We are going to tell you about hidden pitfalls, illusive cheap SMS and potential traps. Forewarned is Forearmed. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

comments 11.01.2021 Ira Byvalkevich @ Email Marketing, SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS for a Startup: How to Organize Business Promotion from Scratch

start sms business

Sending SMS helps the business to quickly interact and convert the target audience into customers, which is approved by 20 years of experience in the Atomic SMS services.

comments 01.12.2020 Natalia Shmorgun @ Email Marketing, SMS Marketing

Checklist of holiday SMS&Email campaigns audit

Checklist of holiday campaign

There are many holidays during November and December. It is extremely important to create Email and SMS campaigns that bring clients happiness and you profit. That’s why we prepare the checklist with elements that your campaigns should include. Read the article and check whether your emails or SMSes have all needed elements.

comments 20.11.2020 Tatiana Pyrih @ SMS Marketing

How to create a holiday SMS campaign. Step-by-step guide. Part 3

SMS campaign on holidays

Here is the third article from our series for the holidays. In this one, we will show you the examples of holiday bulk SMS for businesses in different areas. Read, get inspired, and grow your business together with AtomPark Software!

comments 18.11.2020 Natalia Shmorgun @ SMS Marketing

How to create a holiday SMS campaign. Step-by-step guide. Part 2

SMS campaign on holidays

Meet the continuation of articles about holiday SMS campaigns. From this part, you will know types of databases, how to estimate your client database and what you should do with it, how to choose what to offer to clients for the holidays, and much more. Read the article to create a successful SMS campaign.